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Big data generates a bit of confusion. It’s not a type of software, rather tools are used to sift through big data to organize, manage, and analyze the enormous amounts of data generated by modern networks, products, and platforms. Added to the confusion is misunderstanding around big data and data warehouse vs database tools. Data is generated when individuals do virtually anything, both online and in the real world. From GPS information processing to activity on social networks, almost everything is documented and processed. Businesses use this information to identify patterns, make predictions, and fuel business processes. Software categories beneath the umbrella of big data include:
Popular Big Data Software Categories

Big Data Analytics Software

When you already have fairly structured datasets, but heaping terabytes of information that you’re not entirely sure what to do with, big data analytics software can help. These tools are used to identify trends and patterns in your data. This can give insights into anything from user behavior to long-term changes. Once the big data sets have been sifted and scoured through, users can create reports that identify the unique characteristics of your data.
Popular Big Data Analytics products used by Big Data professionals

Big Data Processing and Distribution Software

When data is unstructured, chaotic, and unmanageable, big data processing and distribution tools help simplify and organize your data. These tools will group similar clusters of data, segmenting related information. System administrators are usually required to maintain and decipher complex datasets, but without big data processing and distribution software, many of these tasks would be nearly impossible. While both of these big data solutions or algorithms offer very advanced capabilities, the commonality of their usage is only increasing. Many are being paired with machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to create incredibly efficient and insightful data processing solutions. These two categories comprise some of the most powerful data processing solutions on the market.
Popular Big Data Processing and Distribution products used by Big Data professionals

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