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Caching web and video to save on bandwidth, reduce backhaul and accelerate content for an improved user experience

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MACH5 Profile Details

Operating one of the world's largest cyber intelligence networks, Symantec sees more threats, and protect more customers from the next generation of attacks.
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"Improvement and analysis of bandwidth"

What do you like best?

In recent times with the use of collaboration tools the demand for bandwidth, use of video, recordings in the cloud has increased significantly. Symantec CacheFlow provides an analysis of the traffic by intelligently guiding the band's resources where they are most needed and with this generating benefits such as faster download speed, speed in the videos, avoiding slow times and, without a doubt, saving cost for operating the bandwidth.

What do you dislike?

Unlike other Symantec products that are characterized by their easy configuration and initial use in this case can be said to be something complex to implement and understand at first. Certainly once it is understood its operation becomes easy. However, this learning process requires some time.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

I think the first thing to consider is whether the organization really needs to improve or expand the bandwidth with a tool of this nature. And the other aspect is if you want to control the actual process of using the wide band since the determination of the aspects to be allowed is complex. If the evaluation of the previous aspects is yes, I can say that I have not used another tool similar to CacheFlow that provides real observable elements.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The problems that this tool solves are in my experience:

First. The speed of the network product of the use of the bandwidth in the first term, analyzing the same one and managing to improve it in a significant way.

Second. Provides security to be configured properly as it directs and protects the network with its protocols and algorithms, guiding all traffic to what is allowed by the organization.

Third. Allows the use of applications in the cloud, especially collaboration and video work much better.

Finally, all the above represents a significant saving of time and therefore of money.

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"Great product with a seamless deployment (room for improvement)"

What do you like best?

The experience of implementing this was seamless and will lead to cost savings. There is still room for improvement, but have been impressed so far!

What do you dislike?

Places for improvement on this product. Several issues have been identified that we are working through.

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Cost savings and overall positive experience with this.

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