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Secure Code Warrior® is an integrated platform of secure coding training and tools that moves the focus from reaction to prevention in your software development lifecycle. The Secure Code Warrior learning platform includes interactive gamified training, team tournaments, online assessments, real-time coaching, and contextual micro-learning for every skill level. Your developers will be keen to grow their secure coding skills and knowledge with hyper-relevant language:framework specific interactive coding challenges. Learning Resources - Get started with security fundamentals and application security concepts. 60+ e-learning videos and presentation resources, covering security fundamentals, mobile and web application security weaknesses. Training -- Build secure coding skills with interactive language:framework-specific coding challenges. Grow awareness in identifying vulnerabilities and how they work, level up skills in locating vulnerabilities during code review, and finally, how to mitigate and fix the vulnerability. Courses - Curated learning-pathways to build competency within your overall cybersecurity program. Configure and assign training activities to assist in achieving compliance requirements, like NIST and PCI-DSS or target specific skill gaps Tournaments - Create awareness and drive continuous engagement for secure coding. Run competitive and engaging events that get the whole coding community involved. Assessments - Verify secure coding skills in a fully customizable and controllable environment. Be confident that your developers have a base level of competency when it comes to securing your code. Qualify and baseline the secure coding skills of your existing developers, off-shore developers, new hires and graduates. Data & Insights - Reporting to track and monitor training progress across your organization, including assessment results for compliance auditing requirements. Role-specific dashboards, pre-built reports and reporting API make it easy to measure and analyze individual, team and company performance, and skills development. Open Integrations - Connect with your core business systems to streamline your workflow. Streamline user management and save time by programmatically managing users and building management reports within your existing toolset with RESTful APIs.

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Secure Code Warrior is the secure coding company. Companies can scale secure coding excellence as coders and Development teams build and verify their software security skills, gain real-time advice and monitor skill development.

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