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JetBrains builds productivity software for developers who want to focus more on what they want to accomplish, and less on mundane, repetitive tasks.

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IntelliJ IDEA
IntelliJ IDEA includes an amazing set of tools which work out-of-the-box: support for Maven, Gradle and STS; integration with Git, SVN, Mercurial; built-in Database Tools; and many more.
WebStorm is a lightweight yet powerful IDE, perfectly equipped for complex client-side development and server-side development with Node.js.
Enjoy productive PHP and web development with PhpStorm. Take advantage of deep code understanding, top-notch coding assistance, and support for all major tools and frameworks.
The intelligent Python IDE with unique code assistance and analysis, for productive Python development on all levels.
Cross-platform intelligent IDE for productive Ruby & Rails development
One reason TeamCity is dubbed an "Intelligent CI server" is its approach to integration. When we say we support a tool, we mean it in every way possible. For example, support for Visual Studio projects provides automatic detection of tool versions, testing frameworks support, code coverage, static code analysis, and more.
DataGrip is a cross-platform IDE for databases & SQL.
ReSharper is a productivity tool for visual studio that provides tools and features to help you manage your code.
YouTrack enables you take advantage of IDE-style intelligence to save your team lots of time on issue tracking and task management. Use smart search queries, batch issue modification and handy shortcuts. Let every team member be as productive as they can be.
CLion will take care of the routine while you focus on the important things. Knowing your code through and through, it can boost your productivity with smart and relevant code completion, full coding assistance including customizable coding styles, keymaps and various project views, and instant navigation to a symbol's declaration or usages.
Rider is a full-fledged, cross-platform .NET IDE. Rider can open, manage, build and debug a wide variety of .NET Framework, Mono and .NET Core based solutions, and provides editing support for most languages used in .NET development: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET syntax, XAML, XML, JavaScript, TypeScript, JSON, HTML, CSS, and SQL.
JetBrains GoLand is a commercial IDE designed to provide an ergonomic environment for Go development.
JetBrains dotTrace is a performance profiler for .NET applications designed to work right in Visual Studio and provide ways to detect and analyze performance bottlenecks.
JetBrains dotPeek is designed to decompile any .NET assemblies into equivalent C# code and optionally show the underlying IL code.
JetBrains dotMemory is a .NET memory profiler designed to be launched right from Visual Studio or as a standalone tool.
ReSharper C++
ReSharper C++ is designed to make Visual Studio a better IDE for C++ developers, providing code analysis, quick-fixes, search and navigation, smart code completion, refactorings, and others.
Smart IDE for iOS/OS X development
JetBrains dotCover is a .NET unit testing and code coverage tool designed to work in Visual Studio.
Explore Kotlin code samples and solve problems directly in the browser
JetBrains Upsource is a code review and a team collaboration project analytics tool.
JetBrains Hub is designed to manage users across Upsource, YouTrack and TeamCity installations, and offers a centralised dashboard for overview of relevant commits, issues, or tests.
JetBrains MPS is a meta programming system designed to allow users to create their own domain-specific language.