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eFORCE e-Citations
eFORCE e-Citations cuts back on your own paper and printing costs by managing citations from the comfort of your iPhone or iPad.The eFORCE e-Citations Mobile app lets you to capture photos, fingerprints, signatures and more without the restraints of a bulky laptop or the hassle of countless carbon paper copies.
eFORCE is a public safety software suite that provides a portfolio of browser-based solutions including, computer-aided dispatch and records management software and more.
eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator
eFORCE Automatic Vehicle Locator tracks vehicles in the field in real-time and give vital assistance to your officers in critical situations. This solution helps dispatchers effectively deploy officers to calls, maximize efficiency and better manage their time.
eFORCE Civil Process Software
eFORCE Civil Process Software gives you the ability to build your own dashboard, so you can view the information you care about most, all in one place, making you and your staff more efficient.
eFORCE Computer-Aided Police Dispatch
eFORCE Computer-Aided Police Dispatch program allows all users, from line-level call-takers and dispatchers to patrol supervisors and even the Chief, to input and access real-time information, statistics and other important information for our department.
eFORCE Jail Management Software
eFORCE Jail Management Software allows you to retain the information you need for arrested individuals with tools and features to help you manage your data.
eFORCE Mobile Police Software
eFORCE Mobile Police Software allows you to keep track of officers in the field in real-time. This tool also includes the functionality for officers to access your department's eFORCE Records Management Software whenever you need mission critical data.
eFORCE Municipal Court Software
eFORCE Municipal Court enables you to import and create citations, track fines, fees, and restitution.
eFORCE Records Management Software
eFORCE Records Management Software's built-in task management tools that let our customers set up user-specific dashboards. This tool helps you stay on top of your casework, reports, trainings and certifications and more.
eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software
eFORCE Transit Fare Enforcement Software combines valuable functionality with the convenience of a common handheld device.It lets you create and issue citations, record patron complaints, document accidents and more, all from your iPhone or iPad.