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SmartyAds DSP
SmartyAds DSP is an innovative, AI-powered media buying solution that streamlines the process of inventory purchasing, ROI generation, and real-time advertising campaigns management on all screens and platforms. SmartyAds DSP combines direct media-buying and programmatic approaches on the platform that automates the media-buying workflow, ensures cross-channel message delivery, and safeguards every impression in fraud-free advertising ecosystem.
SmartyAds White Label Ad Exchange
SmartyAds WLS Ad Exchange is a highly customizable and scalable programmatic trading marketplace where demand and supply partners integrate DSPs and SSPs of their choice in order to ensure purity and relevance of traffic, quality of filtered bid requests and responses, and reduced costs for server maintenance. SmartyAds WLS Ad Exchange represents a new level of interaction freedom between advertisers and publishers. This an unbiased direct marketplace that is free from intermediaries and inflated service commissions.
SmartyAds SSP
SmartyAds Supply Side Platform is a publisher-focused solution designed to streamline the process of cross-channel media-selling and inventory management. In real-time SmartyAds SSP provides publishers with a holistic overview of their inventory performance, and delivers effective bid optimization through header-bidding technology that maximizes demand and naturally grows the level of yields.
SmartyAds Ad Marketplace
SmartyAds Ad Marketplace is the transparent and simple, RTB-powered programmatic ad marketplace built with advertiser’s and publisher’s needs in mind. The platform allows advertisers and publishers to interact directly without intermediaries and thus, avoiding hidden margins and service commissions. SmartyAds Ad Marketplace is a transparent trading ecosystem that features header-bidding wrapper, real-time analytics reports, seamless integration with customer data platforms.
SmartyAds White Label DSP
SmartyAds White Label DSP is an omnichannel, highly customized programmatic software for ad buying that helps brands, agencies, and ad networks to acquire programmatic demand-side platform and capitalize on it without investing their time and efforts in developing and supporting their own DSP platform. SmartyAds White Label DSP solution is a technology that perfectly adapts to the media-buying needs of every business.
SmartyAds White Label SSP
With SmartyAds White Label SSP publishers receive an ultimate control over their inventory monetization, maximize the value of their inventory, and achieve unparallelled customization opportunities for the platform that functions according to their own media-selling needs. SmartyAds White Label SSP solution is a tailor-made technology that perfectly adapts to your business objectives and scales up according to the monetization KPI you expect to achieve.