Emma G.
    Emma G.
    Founder, LANDED hiring software. Delivering software for inhouse recruitment teams. Hire good people - Build great teams

    All in one marketing solution

    "Zymplify has transformed how we source and engage with potential new customers. The buyer intent tool has enabled us to source potential customers we could never have reached before & the automated journey's introduce new leads to our solution without the need for cold calling and time consuming telesales. Simple to building landing pages enables us to create professional branding data..."

    Einar A.

    Great Marketing Automation Software

    "The all inclusive marketing and sales automation capabilities of this software make it invaluable "

    Tim M.
    Tim M.
    Delivering profitable digital marketing solutions. Helping you navigate the world of digital marketing.

    V Positive with some reservations

    "The ability to build and manage campaigns, to present to clients a system that is impressive, and the measurement dashboard. "

    James M.
    Marketing Finance Assistant at Money Exchange

    Helped consolidate marketing activity into a single platform

    "As an SME, time spent on marketing can be limited. Zymplify allow us to use our limited time focus on one platform to do all our marketing activities. Campaigns can all be linked through social media, emails and website activity. "

    Dan M.
    Dan M.
    Marmalade Marketing

    A very solid, affordable alternative to HubSpot

    "I like the variety of options, the fullness of the interconnectivity, and the options for your inbound campaigns according to the many different marketing channels. It works well internationally, so it's flexible per client based on the type of English you need to use (and I'm certain other languages will prove it's flexibility as well)."

    Rachel S.

    Great platform to integrate key marketing components!

    "Zymplify’s marketing automation platform helps integrate key marketing components such as email, web visitor tracking, social media and paid advertising in an easy to use, intuitive way. "

    Niall D.
    Niall D.
    Marketing Executive at Acorn IT Solutions Ltd.

    Effective platform to combine all sales and marketing activities

    "The ability to have all marketing resources in one effective dashboard"

    Brian F.
    Brian F.
    Director at THE TEETH PEOPLE

    great value for monry

    "The training is great as I am a novice re marketing and they spend a lot of time showing you through the processes"

    Carol B.
    PR Comunicaction Manager at Gathering of Developers Inc.

    Zymplify an ideal platform to identify and control your marketing strategies

    "Zymplify is an ideal platform to identify and control your marketing strategies, it gives me the ability to manage performance, visits and publications on all my social sites on a single platform, it is very impressive the ability it offers me to create campaigns with infinity of varieties"

    Mark B.

    The best thing about this system is the team behind it.

    "I like the enthusiastic support and knowledge which has made me look at Marketing in a completely different way. The ability of the software is incredible too Omni Channel marketing with full reporting and delivery suite. It's early days but so far so good!!"

    Caitriona M.
    Caitriona M.
    Client Account Manager and Marketing Coordinator at instaGiv. Providing Charities with the Text To Donate software.

    Zymplify is the Future

    "I love the time saving element of using the automated email journeys. I save much time and generate so many leads and whilst I'm able to do other work. I also love the support, I simply submit a ticket and get a response back really quickly. "

    Angela B.
    Angela B.

    The Zymplify Platform has enabled us to centralise our marketing efforts its great!

    "The scheduling of social posts in advance, also the SMS feature which is an unusual added bonus. Building customer specific personas helps us to ensure that our content is on point and what that audience wants to see to ensure a high level of engagement. The ability to automate our entire customer journey is valuable and to be able to see all our campaigns run in real time. The tracking..."

    Jo M.
    Jo M.
    Experienced Golf, Travel, Media, Technology, Marketing and more ... professional. Published golf and travel writer.

    Excellent way of working through and combining your marketing efforts

    "The ease of use and the connectivity between all the channels"

    Anthony M.

    A Great Email Marketing Tool

    "Zymplify is so easy to use and it completely takes the hassle out of your email marketing"

    Lauren K.
    Lauren K.
    Client Account Executive at LANDED

    Zymplify is a lifesaver!

    "Its marketing automation features are incredibly useful and efficient particularly the new Journeys feature which has saved us so much time. We required a platform to enable us to track new leads and engage visitors to our website straight away and Zymplify has provided that for us and so much more. "