Chris S.
    Chris S.
    VP at SafeTec Platforms

    I recommend everyone use the Swipesum website every year. Go ahead and set a re-occurring event.

    "It’s the only place that truly allows you to compare credit card processors. It’s free to use and every year i get better rates."

    Ryan B.
    Ryan B.

    How do they make it so easy and affordable?!

    "They save me money and provide exceptional customer service."

    User in Human Resources

    Transparent and Kind Customer Service

    "From the saleswomen and men to the CEO, you feel comfortable speaking with them about any questions or concerns, due to their transparency, honesty, and warmth when speaking to customers. You can tell they really do enjoy what they do."

    Administrator in Apparel & Fashion

    Easy, Efficient and Lower Cost

    "Swipesum is easy and efficient to use with great customer service. Service during integration was great. And the main benefit is lower cost compared to the alternatives we reviewed."

    Murielle G.

    SwipeSum is a Cutting Edge Payments Solution

    "SwipeSum demystifies payment processing for businesses large and small. Their knowledgeable staff is willing to address every concern and answer every question with expertise and professionalism. Their extensive industry contacts also ensure that you can secure the best deal, on terms that you understand."

    Tiffany W.

    Such a valuable service!

    "Swipesum genuinely cares for it's users and does all the work to find you the lowest rates for accepting credit cards. Really takes away the headache of multiple emails, sales calls and a time investment I simply didn't have. Their team is very knowledgeable and eager to assist. It made making this business decision really easy."

    Steve M.
    Steve M.

    Fixed all our payments issues AND saved us money

    "Their solution first approach. We have heard 100's of payments sales people tell us they can save us money, but then try to force products down our throats that we either dont need or wont help us. Swipesum helped actually fix our payments pain points first, made sure it was a better solution and then cut our rates in half. They also identified 3 monthly fees totaling $125 each month that were..."

    Sarah S.
    Sarah S.
    Building a clean protein industry to sustain the world - Entrepreneur, Speaker, Ento | AgTech, Next Generation Protein, Edible Insects, Upcycled Food

    Great Customer Service

    "The reps work with a lot of different companies to save money long term on payment processing."

    User in Marketing and Advertising

    Incredible idea and approach

    "Easy to understand and very useful for any person to use"

    Executive Sponsor in Computer Software

    Make credit card processing personal!

    "Personal relationship and a great team supporting the product!"

    Executive Sponsor in Banking

    Exceptional company!

    "Simple process to save significant costs"

    Administrator in Consumer Services

    You want to work with this group!

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    User in Business Supplies and Equipment

    If you're a big company - Swipesum is a must

    "Swipesum isn't the provider, but their software found the best 3 providers for my setup. I've negotiated rates maybe 30 times but they eliminated all fees - it was crazy"

    Chase B.
    Chase B.
    Logistics Account Executive at Total Quality Logistics

    The best in the business

    "Reducing fees we didn't know we were incurring previously"

    Corey W.
    Corey W.

    Finally, a company that can reduce the cost to accept credit cards with almost any provider!

    "Swipesum uses their unique consulting process to lower your credit card acceptance bills. It doesn't matter what kind of processing you do, how you're currently billed, or who your current processing provider is they can help you lower your costs and match you with the best provider possible for your company."