Jose A.

    SpamTitan Review

    "Easy to set up just point your MX records to SpamTitan and off you go. "

    Hector G.
    Hector G.
    Network Administrator at RD International

    SpamTitan Cloud Version

    "Doesn't take long to have it up and running, Menus are clear for easy navigation. Can have multiple users with different roles for team collaboration. I must add that even some will say it is not part of the product for "US" the IT force if you have a great product that lacks support... then you have a problem... for me SpamTitan is a great product with a good support team."

    Rob H.

    Excellent product - easy to use and very effective

    "Simple interface, very fast and efficient to us."

    Vidar L.
    Assistant Director at Complete Consulting AS and Owner, Complete Consulting AS

    Easy to implement and use spam filter for companies

    "We like to have low numbers of spam emails and easy to administer spam service"

    Michael C.
    IT Director at Wesleyan Homes, Inc.

    Fire and Forget

    "Once it is up and running, I don't have to think about it."

    Morten B.
    Morten B.
    System Administrator at VP SECURITIES A/S

    It just works

    "The set it and forget it, you don't need to think about on daily basis, once it is configured to updates antivirus antispam and definitions quite often to ensure that as little as possible spam gets trough, faste positives are very rart."

    Matt G.

    Outstanding spam prevention

    "In desperation and suffering under loads of rubbish in my inbox I discovered SpamTitan and instantly solved the problem - very little gets through now and they're easy to deal with. Really like the spam digest each day to check if anything needs review or release (the occasional email that should be released or white-listed gets trapped)"

    Andre Z.

    Spam Filtering that works fast

    "The mail comes through very quickly. There is the ability to see in the reports all mail that has gone through allowing you to pin point at what part a mail message may have been intercepted. The ability to fine tune the score and cut off point is very helpful."

    Andrew B.
    Andrew B.
    Vice President at Reliable Technology Solutions

    Cloud Version is Great for Managed Services Providers

    "The support is great and the cloud platform seems to work very well at integrating with either on-site Exchange servers or Office 365. I also like the single daily email to each user giving them the opportunity to review blocked messages and take action. Many other platforms swamp users with notifications every time something is blocked. This is very simple for us to setup and users to understand."

    Mundo A.

    Turnkey antispam solution with great value

    "As an MSP we love we can add client new domains to go thru our SpamTitan Private Cloud setup in no more than a few minutes. The general settings cover 95% of our use cases and from then on SpamTitan allows us to customize extensively per domain/user. We also love that new features are being added periodically (at no additional cost) giving SpamTitan great value."

    Mike V.

    Install it and don't even think about it now.

    "I like that it is really low maintenance from an administrator point of view. I have to remind myself to occasionally login to the system to check for updates or to see how things are running."

    Michael K.

    Great solution to combat spam!

    "I find SpamTitan to be an excellent advanced email security solution for my organization. Blocks spam and malware in an easy to use manner. Nice reporting tools as well that shows the numbers and types of bad stuff the solution stops dead in its tracks."

    Mohammed N.

    spamtitan , very easy to deploy and administor for our mail gateway

    "reporting, history, easy way of troubleshooting messages quarantine, attachment filtering, relay, whit listing, blacklisting of domain and emails. "

    Mike S.
    Mike S.
    Director of Information Technology and Telecommunications at Adelante Development Center, Inc.

    Antispam that is affordable, flexible and powerful

    "We opted for an on-site appliance (a Linux server really, a VM in our case, but it's just a web-based console as far as configuration goes). Their cloud version is the same product running on their servers and that would relieve you of the work we put in, as I'll describe, but we wouldn't have it any other way. The on-prem version is what we like the most about this "software." We have another..."

    Lawrence L.

    It's amazing.. I wish I knew about it sooner!

    "It's very easy to setup and install and it does what you want it too. Half of our emails have been spam, It's hard to believe but once you add up all the emails everyone gets and see what % of that is spam is really shocking. It helps employee spend more time working rather than deleting emails that are spam."

    Mark M.
    IT Specialist at St. Vincent Electricity Services Ltd.

    Spam Titan Review from active User (VINLEC)

    "Spam Titan does what it is suppose to do very well. It is userfreindly and intuitive. One of the best component of SpamTitan is the support staff, Excellent."

    Stephen H.
    Stephen H.
    IT Administrator at Buffalo and Erie County Public Library

    Best decision I've made in awhile

    "SpamTitan filters out more of the spam, with less false positives that the product we used to use. It has a better interface which is very easy to use as well."

    Yiannis L.

    Working With SpamTitan

    "Easy configuration, easy administration.end users likes the simplicity and the layout."

    Fernando B.

    Great anti-spam filtering solution

    "No appliances all in the cloud, very easy configuration. Serves as a temporary archiving service when your mail servers are down."