Brooke T.
    Brooke T.
    Operations Coordinator at Canteen

    Great Experience

    "Axanom has been wonderful from conception to execution. Of course there were some bumps along the way but that is to be expected with technology. I am impressed at how well they understood our company's concept and was able to create a builder without actually living our day-to-day."

    Richard A.

    Solved a decades-old problem for our business.

    "The Axonom team truly listened to our business requirements and designed a solution that met our needs perfectly."

    Dan Z.
    Dan Z.
    Director, Business Technology Group at Peerless-AV

    Reliable Platform for B2B

    "Axanom's Powertrak CPQ team was great to work with throughout the process. They were very flexible and worked with the different departments from my company to build us the solution we've beenhoping to have for years."

    Administrator in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

    Axonom's Powertrak Visual CQP -- powerful and reliable

    "The powertrak CPQ development team is very capable. They are always willing (and able) to customize their product to fit business needs. We have been able to visually configure very complex products in a publicly available web interface using this platform. We interface with our ERP system via API and deliver customer specific pricing as well as specification documents. Axonom has been a..."

    Administrator in Food & Beverages

    Online CPQ Tool

    "Powertrak provides a universal tool that all our operators around the country can use to build out room layouts for our clients and implementation teams."

    Joseph N.

    Excellent solution that compliments our business needs

    "Attention to detail, Ability to flex and meet demanding business needs Excellent support and solution leadership teams Single point of contact that helps every aspect of solution architecture, development, deployment and critical support"

    Administrator in Medical Devices

    Using Powertrak to take us to the next level

    "Powertrak gives us the flexibility to demonstrate correct product placement as well as the ability to demonstrate and spatial limitations based on the room design. The software is very flexible and is allowing us to show our product in a way we never were able to before. The accuracy, look and feel of the models that are used is amazing and very realistic which allows our customers to get a..."

    User in Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing

    Best way to present the product

    "This CPQ provides the best way to visualize the product in a 3D form. This is one the simple and easy way to attract the customers and to create a quality impression in the minds of customer."

    Erik M.
    Erik M.
    IT Manager at Sikorsky's Mission Equipment Companies

    Axonom Powertrak CPQ

    "Powertrak CPQ is feature rich with a clean user interface creating a user friendly environment. We are using the toolset with Virtual Reality to improve sales effectiveness, stream line interactions, and grow our relationships with partners."

    Spencer C.

    Powertrak CPQ and VR simulation

    "The VR application is very cool and worked extremely well as a wow factory at our Trade Show booth."

    Internal Consultant in Sporting Goods

    Simplifying complex products

    "Thanks to the Axonom team, it became simple to configure complex products to the customers desire. "

    Internal Consultant in Computer Software

    PowerTrak CPQ is very configurable but complex. The deployment and support team are very responsive.

    "The tool has been able to do everything we've thrown at it in terms of product catalog rules and configurations."

    Josh J.

    Life Fitness Configurator Thoughts

    "I like the simplicity and the idea that our entire company can freely design some of our most challenging and configurable products with ease."

    Missy D.
    Missy D.
    Global Offerings Manager, DC Power & OSP at Vertiv Co

    Macro Cell Site Infrastructure Virtual Reality Exhibit

    "For ISE Expo, Vertiv leveraged Axonom to build an environment around a cell site. We didn't use the product configurator, only the 3D environment. Therefore, the best part was being able to visit the top of cell site tower and look down on the world. It was thrilling and really felt like you were on top of the tower. The ability to see the infrastructure up close and in detail was critical."

    User in Marketing and Advertising

    cloud based and user friendly software for mobile

    "It provides the good customer experience by visualising the product in an advanced 2D and 3D form. It easily attract the customer and stimulate the need. Very simply steps are used to purchase or order the product. There is also a very easy configuration process."

    Nick B.
    Nick B.

    It's a "Must" Level Experience!

    "Very simply, it makes everything more efficient. In less broad terms, as a potential customer it is incredibly empowering to see, in such detail, how others are understanding my vision, and to be able to see potential limitations or issues within the design or pricing process in real-time. Then from the perspective of a salesperson, it provides more accurate quotes, faster and more accurate..."

    User in Medical Devices

    3D Program helps to seal our clients choice

    "The high level detail of the products and spatial relationship to animated end-users, presented in the program, made it easy for our client to visualize our design concept. The VR component has been a welcomed added bonus! "