Lauren H.
    Lauren H.

    Amazing company!

    "The service is top notch and the amount of resources in the system is incredible."

    Kathie G.

    Conversion to Paylocity

    "The system has a full assortment of features; it is relatively easy to use and is versatile."

    Olivia B.

    Recently implemented!

    "Very clean platform and modules work together! So far, our employees who have used part of the modules have not had too many problems with it and we did not have any technology solution similar to this prior to Paylocity. Our management also really likes how the employees can take ownership of missing punches of changes in punches or changes to their personal information. During..."

    Raye H.
    Raye H.
    Staff Accountant II at THE LANGUAGE GROUP, LLC

    Paylocity is intuitive and the support is great!

    "It's easy to use. It provides a lot of features, and it has a lot of knowledge-base articles to help you figure things out on your own. If you don't want to, their support team is amazing. I love their chat feature - they are always knowledgeable and friendly. Paylocity made the FFCRA very easy to navigate. We had a few employees affected by COVID-19, and being able to use the FFCRA hours..."

    Rebecca G.
    Rebecca G.

    Robust Platform that is easy to use

    "Paylocity is one of the most robust and easy to use Payroll/HR platforms. In our organization we use multiple payroll systems for our clients, and Paylocity is one of the platforms I recommend highly for mid to large scale businesses. It's ease of use and ability to capture so much information virtually make it a great solution for Payroll and HR."

    Marissa G.

    Great payroll and overall HRIS platform for small business

    "Ability to house most of our employee lifecycle within one HRIS/payroll system. The ability to use the recruiting module to actively source candidates, onboard them with the onboarding module that then creates employees in the payroll system (including ability to attach documents to electronic employee files and customize the onboarding experience) is fantastic for small businesses. Easy to..."

    Lillian K.
    Lillian K.

    Great all-in-one resource

    "Paylocity gives me the tools I need to quickly and easily manage my personnel employment processes and makes submitting accurate and sometimes complicated payrolls straightforward and user-friendly. They also provide a comprehensive reports module that keeps our records and reporting easily executable. When I have questions, big, small, simple or complicated, their support staff helps me learn..."

    Rajeev C.
    Rajeev C.

    Great support

    "The tool itself it fine. I think the industry is overly complicated due to our tax system, so it is hard to make things truly simple. That being said, this is the most understandable tool I've used so far. And better than that, the support is excellent. Anytime I've got a question I can dive into the chat system and get answers in minutes. It makes a frustrating process rather easy."

    Administrator in Automotive

    Paylocity Rules!

    "ALL of the support folks are EXTREMELY helpful and knowledgeable!! I have never used Paylocity prior to coming to my current company. As the Controller I find it very easy to navigate, write reports, and figure things out for myself. It's very intuitive."

    Kristy H.
    Kristy H.
    Center Director at Cesar A Lara center for weight management

    Easy to navigate

    "The customer service is exceptional. We have gone through many changes in policies with our company and Paylocity is always quick to help and implement. The employee portal ability to have newsletters and love the impressions for team."

    Administrator in Wholesale

    It's easy to use and all online.

    "Speed of the turn around for payroll processing"

    Administrator in Staffing and Recruiting

    Paylocity review 2020

    "The help I receive when I have a question or need assistance in setting up tax info or about reports, anything I need my rep or any of the service people they are there to help."

    Stu L.

    Great Service-Excellent Communication

    "Always helpful, Friendly, Understand my unique needs"

    Administrator in Retail


    "Very helpful with answering questions. I always received a quick response to my questions."

    Renee J.

    Exceptional, Accurate & Prompt service!

    "I especially appreciate having the confidence that our payroll taxes & filings are being handled in an accurate and timely manner."

    User in Aviation & Aerospace

    Easy to Learn

    "Maneuvering around the site is pretty easy and understandable. I like the vacation/PTO requests/approval are automatically added into the paycheck processing."

    Stephane R.

    Great Service

    "I like Paylocity's promptness to answer my questions and assistance with all payroll related needs. We never have to wait for long periods for someone to answer the phone when we call in. Someone always answers right away and we are never directed to a automated system."

    Kathy R.
    Kathy R.
    Team Member Advocate at Camino Federal Credit Union

    Raving Paylocity Review

    "The system is user friendly. It has been easy to process payroll and our employees have been happy with the information they can access easily. I also love the recruiting module. It's so easy to use and when we hire a candidate, it flows right into the onboarding program, which is also wonderful tool."

    Nicole N.
    Nicole N.
    Human Resources Manager at Secure World Foundation

    Great onboarding and support

    "Our onboarding specialist was incredible. We have had a couple questions since we've implemented Paylocity and the response times have been excellent. We've worked with another major payroll provider, including a spin off from one company code to another, and it was an absolute mess. I feel refreshed to work with Paylocity. One year later - We did have some things that weren't set up..."