Eli R.
    Eli R.
    Logistics Manager at Bluemark

    Great Service & Product

    "Onpay has great customer service and an easy to navigate platform. I am able to easily search for any employee and see their pay history. Onpay also has an easy export function which has been very useful. The customer service at Onpay is great, any time I need assistance or a question there is always someone available to assist me."

    Taylor W.
    Taylor W.

    I love OnPay!

    "OnPay is very user friendly/easy to use, but my favorite part about it so far has been the exceptional customer service! Any time I felt confused or unfamiliar with something, I was easily able to reach out to customer service-- they always respond quickly and are super helpful and resourceful. I also love that OnPay provides tutorials and written instructions to help navigate the site. I..."

    Amanda L.
    Amanda L.

    Always ready and willing to help!

    "I have always been able to get a hold of someone and get the answers I needed. Everyone I've worked with have been helpful and knowledgable. They made the transition very easy and stress free."

    Eric J.
    Eric J.
    Principal of AdaptCFO┃Proven Financial Leader┃Finance & Accounting for early stage companies

    #1 Payroll System On The Market

    "Ease of use, price point and assistance from customer support. From the beginning the whole team has been extremely helpful. From giving free months to showing me their office + free tshirts, etc. You would think Onpay is charging a premium and not a couple dollars a month per user. When I went to their office, the founder of the company was more than happy to take time out of his day to..."

    Arlen H.

    Great price, easy system setup, experienced transition team and outstanding customer service!

    "We were transition from in-house systems for payroll, onboarding and document tracking with an external accountant for filing required tax forms to OnPay. The transition team was awesome for getting our legacy data into the system and employees setup with past payroll for the year as well as employee garnishments. Our mock payroll run matched our self-run payroll with a few minor exceptions..."

    Angela J.
    Angela J.

    OnPay was simple to switch and saves us over $150 a month!

    "OnPay helped us migrate our information. They were prompt and efficient answering any questions I had. The help desk and back office did the hard work of entering the year to date info."

    Tari M.
    Tari M.
    Administrator at The Polasek Law Firm

    Great price easy to use.

    "OnPay was listed as one of the top payroll companies for small business because of the price and ease of use. I have been using OnPay since January and have had no issues. For the price it is a great alternative to bigger payroll companies. I was able to setup my 401k and medical deductions right through the portal. It also calculates your company 401k match."

    Jeannette W.
    Jeannette W.
    Proposal Consultant & Trainer

    Perfect Payroll Partner for Small Business

    "OnPay's customer service is incredible. We just processed our first payroll and they reached out to me more than our previous provider had done in 6 months. They even caught an error I had made and offered to fix it for me."

    Sylvie H.
    Sylvie H.
    Manager at Seniors Helping Seniors

    The best system for your payroll

    "I started a business and my first payroll I had one employee. When I had to pay her, I had not figure out how I was going to pay her. I was using Quickbooks and found it so confusing, I figure there had to be something easier to use and I found OnPay right away. Payroll was due in 3 days. The whole site and the way it is set up is so easy to use. I talk about OnPay all the time to new and small..."

    Sabrina A.
    Sabrina A.
    Associate Director, Tailored Finance at Nomad Financial

    Easy to use and excellent customer service

    "The chat is a great feature which connects you with a live customer service member with minimal wait time. I have always been able to get the assistance I need in a timely manner. Inputting employee's hours has also been easy, and with the platform update, it has been even easier. "

    Addi G.


    "We researched many options before trying out OnPay. The online interface is so user friendly and the real live customer service has been so helpful. The cost was the most competitive. We'll likely never look into another program again. We recommend OnPay to all of our business colleagues. Thank you!"