OnPay Testimonials

    <span>Jeannette W.</span>
    Jeannette W.
    Proposal Consultant & Trainer

    Perfect Payroll Partner for Small Business

    "OnPay's customer service is incredible. We just processed our first payroll and they reached out to me more than our previous provider had done in 6 months. They even caught an error I had made and offered to fix it for me."

    <span>Jay T.</span>
    Jay T.

    OnPay saves time and money

    "I like the ease of being able to simply enter weekly employee times and OnPay literally takes care of everything else. I don't have to worry about quarterly or annual payroll tax reporting at all. I have never had any major issues and only had a few questions during setup and initial use due to being a novice when it came to running a payroll."

    <span>John  B.</span>
    John B.

    Fantastic Payroll Company

    "I have used the service for almost 3 years, and would highly recommend it. My payroll differs every pay period, and OnPay makes it a basic fill in the blanks exercise. The portal is very easy to grasp from day one. And anytime I have questions, the online chat people are very responsive and knowledgeable, even if it is a highly technical payroll question (ie, it is not just tech people -..."

    <span>Eric J.</span>
    Eric J.
    Principal of AdaptCFO┃Proven Financial Leader┃Finance & Accounting for early stage companies

    #1 Payroll System On The Market

    "Ease of use, price point and assistance from customer support. From the beginning the whole team has been extremely helpful. From giving free months to showing me their office + free tshirts, etc. You would think Onpay is charging a premium and not a couple dollars a month per user. When I went to their office, the founder of the company was more than happy to take time out of his day to..."

    <span>David P.</span>
    David P.
    Money Guide at Latitude Bookkeeping Service

    Great solution among so many others!

    "I love the simplicity of onboarding a client (or simply adding a business to Onpay). It takes a minimal amount of information and time compared to other payroll software I've used, tried to use, or have researched. "

    <span>Sylvie H.</span>
    Sylvie H.
    Manager at Seniors Helping Seniors

    The best system for your payroll

    "I started a business and my first payroll I had one employee. When I had to pay her, I had not figure out how I was going to pay her. I was using Quickbooks and found it so confusing, I figure there had to be something easier to use and I found OnPay right away. Payroll was due in 3 days. The whole site and the way it is set up is so easy to use. I talk about OnPay all the time to new and small..."

    <span>Liz M.</span>
    Liz M.
    Owner at Liz Morrison Therapy

    Great experience with OnPay for my business

    "Great customer service. Easy to use. Easy for my employees to enter in their information. Easy to understand website. Always someone available to speak with."

    <span>Steven P.</span>
    Steven P.
    attorney at Steven T Potts PLLC

    SOPA Satisfied Customer

    "Staff response quickly. The software is easy to use. Staff and taxes are easy to manage. Their direct deposit feature makes processing payroll a breeze. For my staff that works the same hours every week, the self populating makes it simple."

    <span>Amy M.</span>
    Amy M.


    "The ease of the website - it's so easy to use."

    <span>Bob  D.</span>
    Bob D.

    Excellent Company

    "Excellent customer service, always friendly and helpful whenever I call with questions, the software is extremely easy to use and it works great!I I have now been with Onpay for a number of years now. I could not be happier and I have no plans to leave. I was previously with another company that I paid to have my payroll processed with and I now work directly with Onpay who performs the exact..."

    <span>Ken A.</span>
    Ken A.

    efficient, easy to use, helpful.

    "affordable, easy to use, and helpful support that speaks English I can understand."

    <span>Chet P.</span>
    Chet P.
    Hired gun

    I love OnPay!

    "Really everything. Its very easy to use and flexible for all business types"

    <span>Kim B.</span>
    Kim B.
    Independent Construction Professional


    "ONPAY has taken the complexity of payroll off of my hands and allows me to focus on veterinary medicine. They are always patient with me if I have any questions. One of the best decisions I have made since starting a business. "

    <span>Sabrina A.</span>
    Sabrina A.
    Associate Director, Tailored Finance at Nomad Financial

    Easy to use and excellent customer service

    "The chat is a great feature which connects you with a live customer service member with minimal wait time. I have always been able to get the assistance I need in a timely manner. Inputting employee's hours has also been easy, and with the platform update, it has been even easier. "

    <span>Ken  G.</span>
    Ken G.

    ON Pay

    "Easy to use for small company Customer support is helpful occasionally longer to respond than i expect but not bad No issues with any cash transactions Payroll taxes paid on time Reporting good"

    <span>Addi G.</span>
    Addi G.


    "We researched many options before trying out OnPay. The online interface is so user friendly and the real live customer service has been so helpful. The cost was the most competitive. We'll likely never look into another program again. We recommend OnPay to all of our business colleagues. Thank you!"

    <span>Access C.</span>
    Access C.
    Custom kitchen cabinetry

    Customer Service

    "My favorite service of Onpay would be their customer service. They are super quick to answer any phone call and get an answer to your questions quickly. "

    <span>Keith A.</span>
    Keith A.
    President K2 Farms Inc.

    Great experience with onpay

    "This was my first experience with payroll services and the team working with getting me started and follow-up support has been great! They've really made this an easy process."

    <span>Jason T.</span>
    Jason T.
    Business Owner at Surety Home Care

    Very Happy

    "Telephone and online chat customer service is awesome. They are fast, friendly, and knowledgeable. "

    <span>AshleyMacKensi B.</span>
    AshleyMacKensi B.
    Business Owner at MaidLikeNew Cleaning & Organizing LLC

    Life SAVER

    "OnPay has been an absolute life saver for my business! Everything is so easy and at your finger tips! My employees love the ability to access all of their info online and it makes for a lot less headaches! Thank you OnPay!!! "
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