Kai P.
    Kai P.
    Sr. Devops Engineer

    Full disclosure security posture assessment

    "I can see a live representation of my security posture, with instructions for addressing each security violation identified."

    Gerald G.

    Responsive and Ahead of the Game

    "Coming from Threat Stack, our InfoSec team was pleased by not only the major improvement Lacework had overall, but how proactive they were in their overall improvements of their product. They're very much ahead of the game when it comes to new features while being attentive to their customers on potentially new features."

    Jamie T.
    Jamie T.
    Senior Security Compliance Analyst at Iterable

    Lacework helps us not only monitor the security of our system, it keeps us in compliance as well.

    "Basically all that I stated above is great, as our team takes on the role of not just security but risk and compliance as well. Lacework is a great tool to helping us with all aspects of those roles. "

    Administrator in Hospitality

    Great Overall User Experience

    "Easy inbound integration with AWS--additionally have the ability to develop additional functions with outgoing integration as well as seamless third-party integration."

    Executive Sponsor in Information Technology and Services

    Great AWS Security Tool

    "The host based features and the AWS configuration monitoring. "

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    A tool to help with security and compliance

    "I love the event trial. It is a good record to help identify patterns, notifications, and evidence to be used for compliance."

    Mbuve W.

    Lacework Review

    "Lacework is a great Security software. I love the fact that it supports various cloud compliances. It’s user friendly and easy to configure. Lacework has predefined features among them being threat intelligence, ISO compliance and vulnerability management."

    Priyanka R.

    ""Lacework software""

    "This is really one of the best software and it's features and tools are amazingly works. Aslo this software provide us high security to keep our information safe and secure. The best features of this software is that it helps us monitor the security of the system. It's saves our lots of time and cost. "

    Internal Consultant in Marketing and Advertising

    An Excellent User experience

    "The tool is amazing on itself, is easy to use, clear on the information it provides, but what I like more is the openness and helpful disposition of the customer team. They have been really helpful all the way and provide us with all the detailed information we requested, what's more, they have been very attentive to our requests for improvements and our needs of new features."

    Executive Sponsor in Internet

    Simplicity is the key to its power

    "Lacework harmonizes and normalizes events data from multiple IaaS and PaaS and hosts data points to provide actionable alerts. For security practitioners, the signal-to-noise ratio is of the utmost importance; Lacework's intelligence reduces the noise to provides visibility into the signals that we need to address."

    Administrator in Automotive

    Lacework is awesome

    "The ease of implementation and the support!"

    Administrator in Computer Software

    Monitor AWS usage

    "Compliance and usage monitoring. Auditing can be achieved from AWS directly. So not that critical."