Helpwise Testimonials

    James C.
    James C.
    Owner at Pinnacle Pro Sound

    A great startup with friendly, attentive, and speedy support

    "Helpwise has been a breeze to use. As a growing company, they have been pumping out updates on what seems to be a monthly basis. Not only that, but they react to feedback quite quickly – minor feature suggestions are implemented within a week or two while larger ideas are taken into consideration. Overall, it's a great experience!"

    User in Computer Software

    Great product with amazing support

    "As soon as you signup for Helpwise, you are blown away by the UI and UX of the product. It is clean and easy to understand. Our team got used to the product on very first day. Integrations with Stripe and HubSpot work smooth. Mobile apps are fairly new but work great. Customer support team is super helpful and caring. They are great listeners. You share a feedback and they take quick..."

    Legacy P.
    Legacy P.

    Great software and even better team behind it

    "The software is a great Helpdesk solution. We tried several and this was the most intuitive option with features we needed, like Slack integration. The team behind it is nothing short of amazing. The response time on anything I ask is crazy fast. They've implemented several features I recommended (really fast)."

    Angie  N.
    Angie N.
    WordPress Web Consultant & Digital Marketer

    What a great platform! The support and the software are absolutely top notch!

    "This great software is perfect for a team managing multiple inboxes and support areas. The support offered by Helpwise has been incredible. There has never been a time that they haven't attended to a question / request really quickly and have it sorted really quickly. I can see this is a tool that I will be using every day as a vital part of my business tech stack."

    Sebastian M.
    Sebastian M.

    An awesome support & marketing solution to communicate through many channels.

    "That I can set up and use exactly the inboxes / channels I need like mail, website chat, WhatsApp or SMS. The knowledge base feature is a great addition. The interface is straightforward and easy to use. They are adding constantly new and well thought features. The support is one of its kind, they're fast and always try to help you out."

    Brad K.

    Excellent Intercom alternative at a fraction of the price

    "Comprehensive support solution that includes shared inboxes for email, SMS, website chat, WhatsApp and many other channels, along with a help desk and knowledge base. I also greatly appreciate the responsiveness and professionalism of the HelpWise staff. Since becoming a customer, I've submitted lots of feature requests and many of them have already been implemented. They usually respond to my..."

    Administrator in Computer Software

    BEST all in one communication tool in the market

    "There is a lot of things I love about Helpwise: They got the BEST SUPPORT in the market. Believe me, there was no time that they have taken more than 5 minutes to reply to my queries. They listen, consider our feedback and proactively work on the feedbacks, and best of all is they deliver on time. Setup is super easy and Helpwise is a very powerful tool for communication. it is like all in one..."

    Steven B.

    Incredible Team with an Impressive Product

    "Helpwise is a great command center for client care & support. After our first login, we immediately saw the potential. Looking for a more cost-effective solution for our current provider (Zendesk), we were happy to find Helpwise. Even more of a surprise was the team heading Helpwise. Always ready to help and listen to suggestions, which sealed the deal after my first interaction. Not to..."

    Agency in Design

    Outstanding shared inbox solution, outstanding support

    "Love that my team can see what's coming and going from each of our inboxes. We always know if a client has been replied to, if there's a message that requires our attention and absolutely love the ability for our team to chat with each other within each message, about each message. The support has been outstanding from day one and continues to be, even while they grow. They value client..."

    Ronald J.
    Ronald J.

    Nice full-featured inbox management tool - loaded with features!

    "I like that Helpwise really combines the most important customer communication tools into one package. It has: - Shared inbox for email and social media - Knowledge base (for customers) - Website chat plugin - Multiple CRM and Slack integrations They are continuing to developing an "Engage" tool that works like a bot for purposed communication (push style) with visitors. It really is a..."

    June W.
    June W.
    Creative Director & Certified Web Consultant

    Excellent Product & Customer Service

    "I've used many ticket systems with the shared inbox concept, including FreshDesk and Help Scout. Helpwise is definitely the winner. What I love the best is their customer service. They genuinely care about user input. We report glitches or send feature enhancement requests, and suddenly to our surprise, they are implementing our ideas! It is an amazing experience. Customer Service far exceeds..."

    Alex T.
    Alex T.
    Co-founder at Rolo - Secure B2B chat

    A great customer support app, with even greater customer support!

    "The Helpwise system is easy and intuitive to setup and use, and we have already created an SOP around its usage. Its integration with Jira is really important for us to minimize the steps needed to go from support questions to solutions. The customer support has been excellent - Responsive and quick to make improvements to the system based on my feedback, often with same day rollout!"

    Brooke R.
    Brooke R.
    CEO & Founder: Inside Study Abroad &

    Helpwise is awesome! (and I've tried every customer service platform out there!)

    "Set-up is super easy and customer support is outstanding! Helpwise saves us from missing messages and emails from current customers and prospective clients. Before we were getting our wires crossed and things slipped through the cracks. I also bring on interns each year that need to be able to communicate as our company. I can bring them on temporarily without having to create a whole new email..."

    Rhys L.
    Rhys L.

    One of the best SaaS products I've purchased. Incredible product and value backed by a great team.

    "Helpwise allows my team to communicate with inbound inquiries in a collaborative fashion quickly and without any fuss. It is easy enough to configure to 'just work' right away but has powerful features that we can implement at our own pace. For us, an essential part of any SaaS is the team behind it - both development and support. My experience with both has been great."

    Steve R.
    Steve R.

    Good Helpdesk Solution

    "Ability to have multiple Support sites and inboxes - easy to manage. Ability to manage Facebook / Twitter and Whatsapp as well as email support all in one place Good value for money for small business"
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