Gaetano Nino D.
    Gaetano Nino D.
    Sr. Director of Growth at Nextiva

    Awaken your dark leads with automation!

    "I like that we are able to contact leads and pre-qualify them WITHOUT using an actual sales rep. The leads only get routed to a live rep after Exceed makes a certain number of interactions with the prospect, and it's likely that the prospect is interested in having a conversation with a rep. "

    Eyal E.
    Eyal E.
    CEO at - The no.1 CPQ, CLM & Remote Selling Platform for Salesforce, MS Dynamics and Freshworks CRMs

    A game changing tool for sales and marketing!

    "In no time at all, Exceed has already paid for itself - a real game changer. Exceed makes it possible for us to follow-up with any lead from any source immediately. Now our sales team gets a steady stream of qualified meetings booked for them."

    Omer T.
    Omer T.
    Co-Founder and CEO at Comeet delivers results!

    " allowed us to touch double the number of leads than we usually would have in a month. The system was able to answer questions, respond to objections and handover leads to the sales rep once it had been qualified - without a sales rep getting involved! One of my best features is the meeting scheduler that sets up meetings with leads directly through the email which removes the manual..."

    Logan N.
    Logan N.
    Head of DemandGen & RevOps

    The easiest way to scale my team and reduce lead response time

    "The service and onboarding was phenomenal. Not only do they have a smart tool, but they have a smart team as well. "

    Debbie S.
    Debbie S.
    VP Sales and Marketing at Champion Corporation

    Conversational Email marketing for the modern Marketer

    "As a marketer it provided us with a whole new way to generate high quality MQL. Instead of just using lead scoring, we are now able to have conversation at scale with our leads, ask them questions, identify real intent and get reps involved when the lead is ready to talk to a real human. And they also support Chat which combined with conversational email is a killer!"