Administrator in Consumer Services

    Powerful system for enterprise solutions with multi-site authoring

    "The ability to administer content across 100+ sites at the same time and the ability to have dynamic updating content and document listings based on element tagging within the backend. The local support team are extremely knowledgeable of the platform and think about the overall user experience when looking at a project. They while autonomous do consider the whole picture and how changes and..."

    Richard M.

    Great Platform backed up by a strong support Team

    "The support to keep the whole Content Management System Platform up to date from both a security and functional perspective."

    Bernard T.

    Solid Intranet solution out of the box

    "CentricMinds is a simple to use and cost effective solution out of the box and includes functionality unexpected. It allow for customization across all areas."

    Dylan B.

    A well considered solution for Intranet

    "The ability to sign up and start the solution within a few minutes. The publishing of content is straight forward. The document management tools are very powerful."

    Michelle B.
    Michelle B.
    Executive Assistant to the CEO at Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

    Supportive and high quality team that will be with you at each step of the project.

    "Knowledgeable and supportive staff that take the time to check in and make sure everything is on track. Dedicated project manager and an easy to use ticket raising system and process. Intense training that was effective with skilled trainers who catered to the needs of differing levels of understanding."

    Internal Consultant in Financial Services

    A decent platform with strong functionality

    "The Active Directory, Office 365 and SharePoint integration all work well and allowed us to quickly populate the new Intranet. The CentricMinds Drive is quite powerful with versioning and tagging. The people we dealt with were friendly and had a lot of knowledge about the product."

    Administrator in Hospital & Health Care

    Great software and help desk support.

    "The software meets our organisations current needs and there is support staff available when required."

    Consultant in Financial Services

    Easy to use Intranet, Document Management and Workflow product.

    "We helped implement the CentricMinds platform to solve a document and workflow requirement. It solved this quite well, the tools are flexible and it can handle complex tasks around document versioning and search."

    Consultant in Education Management

    A good share point alternative

    "The document management tools are easy to use (drag and drop) and you can add tags to docs as well. The responsive templates enable use on phone and tablets, but there is also a native app provided."

    Rick R.

    Replaced SharePoint 2010 for our customer

    "Very easy to use as an intranet and comms portal, the support from the CentricMinds team is very impressive and pleasing. Our customer has moved from SharePoint 2010 Foundation and has requested many changes over the last 12 months and CentricMinds have been able to meet their needs. "

    Maki H.

    One of the most reliable group of professionals I've ever worked with

    "CentricMInd's excellent client service, thoroughness in explanation and commitment to superior client satisfaction. When there were connectivity issues, despite the problem being generated within our company, the CentricMinds team worked effortlessly to identify the root cause in order to assist our IT team in fixing the problem. The CEO and the CTO of CentricMinds have been excellent business..."

    Hallie M.

    Great product, great company

    "Centric Minds is a company with some very talented people and that shows in their product. It also shows in the level of support and customization our company gets from them. The software is easy to use but has all the benefits of being a high-end tech product. The team is very helpful and they want to empower you to take control of the product. "

    Jeff K.

    Suitable and superior SharePoint Replacement

    "Document management, office plugin, customization, support team. We have the ability to customize and create almost any tool or database with a great deal of intelligence. The support team and knowledge base are reliable and thorough. Most questions I have had about the product are answered by the knowledge base, others are a fast response from the team. I am able to customize and modify..."

    User in Staffing and Recruiting

    Very easy and competent to use

    "The ability to collaborate all of the companies profiles in one program"

    Peter F.
    Peter F.
    Web Design Manager at SA Country Fire Service

    Most intuitive and flexible CMS I've used.

    "The product is flexible and easy to use, Centric's developers do all they can to understand our business needs with enhancements and customisation. The infrastructure is easy to maintain and logical, holding up under extreme user loads."