John L.
    Master Black Belt at Johnson and Johnson

    Director Business Excellence, Strategy and Deployment

    "Ease of Use, Support, Speed at which to get up and running, training"

    Nick D.

    Great product to facilitate strategic planning

    "The Cascade platform is intuitive, customizable, flexible, visually appealing, has great reporting capabilities. The tool will be critical in facilitating the strategic planning process at our organization."

    Shawna B.

    Brandon is a sure BETT

    "The customer service we receive from the Cascade team is top notch. They are quick to understand our needs and ready to help with implementation, service and our annual needs as well. Our main contact is emphatic, smart and ready to help us anytime he can...really, Brandon is just amazing!"

    Jeff N.
    Jeff N.
    Wellness Coach & Fitness Trainer at Santa Fe Way

    I've been looking for this app for 20 years.

    "Finally, an app that takes the big picture seriously. I've been looking for a project portfolio management app for a management-by-projects approach that begins with strategic planning. Cascade is a holistic strategy app, integrating strategy planning and strategy execution, two aspects or dimensions of strategy that shouldn't be bifurcated or dissociated into separate apps to begin with."

    Carl C.
    Carl C.
    Strategic Planning & Execution - Leader, Speaker, Coach and Facilitator. CEO for North America @ Cascade Strategy.

    Transforming the Execution of Strategic Planning

    "With over 10 years of updating strategic plans with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Google Docs, e-mail, etc., etc, a good portion of my strategic efforts was a tactical effort for update these documents for a specific presentation to a board of directors and/or senior staff. Today, the unnecessary formatting and management of those documents has gone away with using an integrated tool like Cascade. ..."

    Cory G.
    Cory G.
    Chief Deputy Tax Collector at Bay County Tax Collector

    Cascade helped us redefine and transform the traditional DMV in Bay County Florida

    "User friendly dashboards that keep the team on track with goals and action items."

    Jonathan D.
    Jonathan D.
    Online Strategy & Implementation Ninja @ Digital Ninjas

    Easy way to disseminate and measure business strategy

    "Quick to set up, easy to use. Support team were very responsive whenever we had questions. Our team really like the visual nature of this product and the ease with which we can zoom in on the detail when required."

    Jason G.
    Jason G.
    CEO, JDGray Group - Municipal Consultants

    Serious Strategy Execution Software

    "Cascade Strategy Execution SaaS takes the complex area of generating accountability around strategic initiatives and makes it clear, concise, and transparent. The thought that has been put into the structure of getting it set up essentially forces you to consider the alignment of your goals, objectives, focus areas and ultimately vision. Cascade is one of the few that gets that the fundamental..."

    Emma T.
    Emma T.
    CEO Arthritis Queensland

    Arthritis Queensland excited to be using Cascade to reach our goals in 2017!

    "As an NFP with limited resources and huge passion, it's sometimes difficult to make sure we stay on track with the big picture while juggling many balls in the air at once. Cascade offers us the perfect tool to record and track our progress throughout the year. We love that our mission is right in front of us everyday. We love the integration of our business plan with our strategic focus..."

    Clémentine B.
    Clémentine B.
    Digital Project Manager at Ducray (Pierre Fabre)

    Great platform: Cascade makes strategy relevant for everyone in your company

    "The platform covers every steps from strategy planning to execution and is ALWAYS evolving: new features are launched almost every week! The customer service is very responsive and listens to our needs, always trying to take our requirements into account and trying to add them to their roadmap."

    Marina C.

    Efficient and user friendly project management tool

    "We started using this tool recently and although we are not done uploading our complete strategy I totally see the benefits of using cascades to improve the day to day activities as well as the reporting."

    Colan M.
    Colan M.
    Health & Social Care Data-Driven Innovation at University of Edinburgh

    Bring the Balanced Scorecard to life

    "Excellent tool with a good mixture of deep analysis and visually inspiring content. Seems equally at home as a C-Suite reporting tool or a great way to inspire those involved in the delivery of strategic programmes."

    Juan Carlos G.

    Greatly exceeded great expectations

    "Cascade provides a truly comprehensive strategic planning & strategic management framework that met our organization at our current stage of development. Cascade's highly flexible ecosystem allowed us to design a dynamic, functional strategic planning framework that is completely custom built for our organization & that has more than enough space to allow our strategy to grow increasingly..."

    Turner C. B.
    Turner C. B.
    Director Of Development at HEAL Utah

    Great Program

    "I love the ease of use and how it has simplified making our strategic plan come to life. The software is second to none in terms of accessibility and ease of use. "

    Gary Y.

    Don't fall into the hole of strategery, think about your strategy...

    "Cascade is great at interconnecting all of the main aspects of strategy and execution. Everyone can see a the department's mission and values. We can show how we are working on accomplishing the strategy through programs and projects. Project/Program Management... Task Management... Risk Management... all of this is integrated and designed in a way to allows me to easily pull reports and..."

    Edson G.

    Cascade as the core of our strategic planning

    "The ability to see in a simple, graphic layout our strategic initiatives, who's working on them, what is the expected date of completion and what is their current progress. As a manager, Cascade makes it easy for me to stay on top of strategic initiatives so that they get done. Being a big company, we really exploit the ability to have different plans. Each area has its leader and that leader..."

    Allison S.
    Allison S.
    Project Manager for Wayne County

    Superb Strategic Planning Software

    "It's hard to choose just one thing that I like the best! Cascade is easy to use and administer. The new enhanced Project Management tool has allowed us to get rid of our old tool and are now using Cascade to manage our projects. Cascade is more than just a software tool, as they guide you through building a well-structured plan and provide on-going Strategic Planning resources. The reporting..."

    Andrew S.
    Andrew S.
    President & CEO at Leanpath /// Empowering culinary teams to prevent food waste

    Powerful Strategic Planning & Management Platform

    "Cascade provides an excellent eco-system which enables multiple stakeholders within our company to collaborate in developing and managing a strategic plan. It's visual and does away with spreadsheets. It ensures clarity and ongoing alignment. Very powerful and flexible. Excellent support."

    Raymond G T.
    Raymond G T.
    Director of Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Avion Solutions, Inc

    Excellent so far

    "Great visualization, customizable while still being user friendly, can be as detailed as you like, has the ability to tie in with multiple different strategic planning methods (horizons, balanced scorecard, etc), and excellent customer support for setup and general questions."