Isaac P.
    Isaac P.
    Global Head of Application Engineering – Valuation Advisory – JLL Technologies

    really good tech platform and great team that follows and understand the needs of thier clients

    "The agility and evolution. The technical solution and the integration capacity."

    Tapan P.
    Tapan P.

    Incredible geospatial tool with an easy to use web interface!

    "CARTO is an easy to use powerful tool, that helps us create maps in a matter of minutes without any custom code, it's all declarative. It has advanced analytical capabilities to help you facilitate different analysis within maps. You can also use SQL for more complex calculations. You can also easily share your maps with other internal/external users in a matter of seconds. Their account..."

    Kelman C.
    Kelman C.

    Clean UI, easy data connections, beautiful graphics

    "I like the ability to connect to multiple data sources, from cloud databases, to local csv files. Getting data from different domains into a single map, such as demographic and internal datasets, to reveal geospatial insights that were not previously obvious to the team before. Carto can be used outside of the UI as well, such as in jupyter notebooks. I like how Carto allows non technical users..."

    Dan C.
    Dan C.
    Housing & Spatial Information Specialist

    How I fell back in love with spatial analysis

    "Amazing reliability and performance with super friendly support. It is continually evolving and expanding its capabilities and I've learnt so much since working with Carto in 2014. I particularly like the ability to link to data, explore it and share it so easily via URL and really appreciate the browser/cloud based approach. I can't remember the last time I needed to boot-up a desktop GIS..."

    User in Information Technology and Services

    Great web-mapping tool!

    "Easy to use, the interface is intuitive. The widgets add nice features and lot of functionalities. The integration of Jupyter Notebooks and CartoFrames make it a powerful tool for spatial data science. The data observatory also adds almost unlimited possibilites with the addition of great datasets from reliable data providers. This allows analysts to push the insights to the next level and..."

    Jorge H.

    Great tool and great services

    "The main advantages that CARTO gave us, IMO are: 1. The tool is powerful, but at the same time is very easy to use even for people with no data analytics background or expertise. 2. The visualization of your data makes easier taking some business decisions, especially those related to physical localization. 3. CARTO team are available for consulting them, especially at the beginning of our..."

    Sergio G.
    Sergio G.

    Great value out of the box

    "It was extremely easy to create powerful map based insights and it was possible with some effort to create customized ad-hoc dashboards with maps. Interactive reports with filtering capabilities created added value. Available external datasets where also very useful."

    Juliana M.
    Juliana M.

    Carto simplifies the use of interactivity, styling and external data connection

    "InfoAmazonia has been using CARTO for many years to translate geospatial analysis into maps. The user-friendly interface, which simplifies the use of interactivity and styling, is very helpful but also the possibility of combining it with the use of CartoCSS syntax language and SQL queries enables to customize and build powerful geospatial visualizations."

    Eduardo O.
    Eduardo O.
    Manager Big Data & Analytics

    Carto technology for Vodafone Analytics

    "Carto is the most powerful GIS tool I’ve ever tried! It helps you to understand why things happen everywhere, anytime."

    User in Commercial Real Estate

    Amazing! Easy to use with quick results!

    "I love carto. It has made learning how to apply spatial analysis very easy. This is coming from someone who has no experience with data / spatial analysis. I come from a purely architectural background and learned how to use SQL from carto. I also took on a bit of CSS / HTML from using the carto builder interface. It definitely does not replace an actual background in data analysis / gis /..."