Executive Sponsor in Legal Services

    BuildFire - Best in Class

    "They are a first class organization with a staff of experts in each area. They get things accomplished the first time correctly. I have yet to experience rework as a result of their failure to understand. I believe this is a direct result of our project manager. His documentation is on point every week and his communication and documentation skills demonstrate his understanding of what we..."

    Faleena H.

    This app changed my game.

    "I was able to give my fans an even deeper experience of my love stories. I offer them audiobooks, ebooks, and so much fun stuff that got too messy through just my website."

    Krista M.
    Krista M.
    Account Manager

    Professional Functions, Look & Feel

    "Ease of use and how immediate any changes I make are live through the app stores. I can tailor the app features (there are a vast variety to choose from) to suit the real estate agents' needs. This is a single company use app (one US state, 7 individually owned real estate brokerage franchises with the same name and 800 +/- agents), so I have geared it toward their specificifications. The..."

    Lindsey C.


    "buildfire has been a game-changer for my business, brand, and the impact i am able to make in my community. after trying a few other "build-on-your-own" app platforms and not being satisfied, i found buildfire and quickly became obsessed with how easy it was to use and the wide range of features available. i was able to create an app that i love and i am proud of and that serves my community..."

    Remmington O.
    Remmington O.
    Founder at Tyche Designs

    E-Commerce made easier.

    "While I benefited greatly from using Buildfire to develop my responsive web application, I mostly enjoyed the customer support. It is like having a personal assistant at your beck and call, since every time I started a personal thread, someone responded to offer help immediately. The customer support greatly reduced development time while ensuring I delivered a high quality application with so..."

    Laura C.
    Laura C.
    Programmer at GR Engineering

    This is the easiest app builder and development I've come across yet!

    "I was able to build my own app without the hassle of coding and feeling like I had someone looking over my shoulder during my creative process. The whole experience was precise and fairly simple."

    Administrator in Health, Wellness and Fitness

    Great Support

    "Used BF to build our own app. good solution for a DIY. While initially the support team was not very helpful and just referred me to forums, eventually when it got escalated the support was great. Pretty quick at fixing things and getting things updated. Overall great option to build an app on your own."

    Elliot M.
    Elliot M.
    Software Developer at Intertech

    Versatile tool to build applications for Android and iOS, very easy to use

    "What I like most about this program is that it allows me to do something that in itself is quite complex and quite difficult to learn in a much simpler and more comfortable way since you give me the right tools and support so that my applications are very good quality and compatible with multiple devices do all this by other means becomes very complex and having this program that helps me by..."

    Moises M.

    The best out of all the self service application builders

    "My favorite thing about Buildfire is the ease of use. They really allow anyone to build a mobile app that has all the features you could ever need. From the analytics, to the app features, to the really advanced geotargeting features, it really is the best app builder in the market. I compared a ton of other ones, and this was the best, while not the cheapest it certainly isn't overly expensive..."

    Gareth B.
    Gareth B.
    Head of Technology • NHS NIHR Clinical Research Network • a boffin armed with a swimming certificate.

    A great zero-code App development suite but there are some limits

    "BuildFire is in my opinion one of the best no-code App development services. I have used a number of alternatives and spent a lot of time battling bugs and issues across platforms. Buildfire is however robust and very simple to use. The cost is fairly average for the service and if you can live with Progressive Web Apps then you don't need the more expensive options to deploy native iOS and..."

    Joseph V.
    Joseph V.

    Top Notch Service!

    "The entire team at BuildFire is fantastic. They're extremely professional, prompt, and genuinely care about helping you bring your vision to life."

    Agency in Marketing and Advertising

    Very pleased with our BuildFire experience. Would highly recommend!

    "In addition to the dynamic options available within the BuildFire system, the online support features and FAQs were extremely helpful. Very impressed!"

    Hans P.

    So good for your projects and apps!!!

    "The help section and the people there are awesome. Always helpful, and always make shure that you understand the help you recieved. I also love their developing plattform. It's functional for both easy and simple projects to more advanced and professional products."

    Olivia R.
    Olivia R.

    Easy to use platform and quality customer service

    "I appreciate how you can adjust a lot of their features to fit your needs. Very adaptable tools, simple DIY articles, and good connections to additional sources for making your app successful."

    John B.

    Great experience with BuildFire

    "Easy to use platform. For a graphic designer like myself with next to no experience building apps, BuildFire made it incredibly easy to put together an app for my company."

    Troi C.

    Best platform for first time app builders!

    "Buildfire allows you to easily build your app without having to know how to code or do hard, technical stuff. You simply choose from pre built looks and styles and populate with your content. If you get stuck with something, the chat help box with representatives are always quick to respond and eager to help."

    tommy d.
    tommy d.
    Software Developer at Soft Source, Inc

    Excellent app builder software. Great customer service.

    "I love the quick customer service. I had a lot of questions and the customer service was very professional and available, 24hrs round the clock. I love how fast their professional tech team helps me build my app and published it in a very short distance of time.."