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    Laura F.
    Laura F.
    Information Technology Generalist

    Process Director is robust and easy to learn

    "I like the graphical interface, especially for workflows. I like to see the flow laid out. It's like Visio in that way. There are so many features, I haven't even tried them all! I They consistently update the product and offer new features. Machine Learning is one of the newer ones that I still need to wrap my brain around. Process Director is mostly a no-code solution. However, if you do..."

    User in Financial Services

    Great Solution

    "Setting up workflows requires some technical knowledge, but does not require knowledge of any programming languages"

    Jesus M.

    BP Logix changed how we do business

    "Its very easy to use! We tried other form tools and learning how to build a form took some patience. With BP Logix's product we were up and rolling rather quickly. I've been able to turn around forms for 'emergencies' in a short time frame while having it connect to databases to pull in information for the user. "

    Executive Sponsor in Construction

    Great Tool for Process Automation

    "Process Director combines ease of use with flexibility and extensibility to meet a wide range of process automation needs. The out of the box features have enabled us to automate a wide range of processes by building forms and workflows through simple configuration. The extensibility model has allowed us to write custom code to meet our more complicated needs. We are able to allow external..."

    Lisa C.
    Lisa C.
    IT Finance & Contracts Manager at MultiPlan (Private Healthcare Systems)

    Seamless integration with BP Logix Process Director Cloud Edition

    "Very easy to use and intuitive. We investigated over 2 dozen vendor solutions before choosing BP Logix. Their initial demonstration utilized our templates which provided our user base with a level of comfort with the look and feel of the product. We have been using Process Director Cloud Edition for seven years and have had several new business processes that we have integrated over the years,..."

    Administrator in Mining & Metals

    A simple and easy to use software package that packs a big punch to solves unique business processes

    "- Easy for a non-developer to develop a process from start to finish, yet has the tools a developer needs to develop complex scenarios. - Scripting capability with the SDK allows the software to be extended to meet your process when the out of box functionality doesn't fit your use case. - Great customer support that goes above and beyond to help solve issues - Direct Assistance is..."

    Administrator in Financial Services

    Great Low-Code Solution for Workflows

    "Setting up workflows requires some technical knowledge, but does not require knowledge of any programming languages. A general familiarity with how variables work in computer programs is all that is necessary. Drag and drop designs allow for the design of a workflow to look like a flow chart, with configurations within each step/line to tell the program how to behave based on different user..."

    Michael S.

    Ten years of growing with a fatastic forward looking product

    "Low code: though you have the ability to use.NET and java script in development it is very rarley needed intuitive development interface, high speed turn around, fantastic support: the support you get from BPLogix is among the best in the entire software industry, they trully are interested in your success."

    Shaun C.

    BPM company that provides a solution and services that deliver on their promises

    "Process Director delivers a very comprehensive set of functionality and in the rare cases where the product did not contain the functionality we required, we were able to extend the functionality through the SDK. The product is also very easy to install and maintain for those using the on-premise solution. However, one of the things that has made our experience truly great has been the very..."

    Renu K.

    Great tool to build, run, monitor and improve your business process

    "Process Director was easy to install and not many additional infrastructure capacity was needed. It's also easy to maintain. Deploying the processes to different environments is made easy by export & import features. The upgrades are straightforward and not time consuming. The process timeline model over the traditional and complex flow chart model is innovative and easy to use. Complex..."

    Executive Sponsor in Law Practice

    Powerful platform

    "BP Logix has provided us a platform to build a range of automated workflows that have improved efficiency in HR, Accounting, IT, and other administrative functions at the firm. We like that we can have people using one application/dashboard to interact with many processes."

    Administrator in Construction

    An incredible tool that has allowed us to improve our business processes and data analytics.

    "It's ability to extract data from our SQL databases of both our Accounting and our Project Management databases, allowing us to marry that data into customized forms that not only help save us time, but also allow those who may not normally have access to this data the ability to use it to improve their own role but also those who they oversee. Our account manager also checks in often to..."

    Adam G.
    Adam G.
    Senior Director of Information Technology at Contract Leasing Corp.

    Great BPM product

    "Easy to create responsive forms. Powerful, easy to configure built in tasks. Quickly prototype a working version of a form and process that is exactly what the users are asking for. Users can easily test prototypes and make suggestions. Changes are relatively easy so you spend more time talking to users and refining to give them what they actually want and need. Fully develop the solution..."

    Administrator in Mining & Metals

    Using Process Director to automate niche processes outside of enterprise applications

    "Process Director allows non-developers to develop process beginning to end without needing to be able to code, yet provides developers with the tools needed to extended out of the box functionality (e.g scripting, web services. integration to external data sources, etc) BPLogix provides a customer portal where you can submit questions on how to use the application, download new releases and..."

    Graham P.

    A powerful tool for building and processing forms

    "The ability to design and build forms and also the ability view results quickly and easily. I quite often use the reference guide when I am trying to come up with a method to accomplish a task and often find my answers without reaching out for assistance. Utilizing timelines to control the flow of a form and the processes that follow and being able to audit that timeline if items are missing..."

    User in Hospital & Health Care

    Customized Process Director Daily User

    "There's a lot to like. But my favorite thing is the great people at BP Logix. They are understanding and responsive, very happy to work with us as much as possible to ensure we are satisfied."
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