Manager/Operations in Information Technology and Services

    Quality Coaches and Tremendous Value

    "The quality of coaches is on par with traditional coaching firms. It's easy to get started, and easy to get support when needed. And they just added a new dashboard feature so I can collect actionable insights about what the executive's common goals and development needs are."

    Latasha H.
    Latasha H.
    Manager, Client Success at Eargo

    Amazing Experience with Measurable results!

    "I really enjoyed my experience with my coach Karen. The coaching is very personalized and I appreciate that my coach got to know me both as a person and as a professional."

    Lauren R.

    Invaluable support for managers

    "Absolutely everything. I feel personally cared for and supported by my coach. She goes out of her way to reflect my strengths, and also lets me know what I can do to grow and improve in a way that is clear but compassionate. Her level of experience inspires deep trust between us and allows me to feel safe and open. I also appreciate how easy it is to integrate our sessions into my busy schedule."

    Kimberly O.
    Kimberly O.
    Gritty. Creative. Problem-Solver.

    Better Manager has made me a better manager

    "My coach was amazing. I was able to immediately develop trust and rapport. The sessions were loosely structured and flowed based on items that were top of mind for the week. I have been fortunate to have engaged in several coaching programs prior to my work with Better Manager. Better Manager has the strongest follow-up and the no frills/ simple design of their program allowed for us (myself..."

    Karen C.

    Exceptional coaching for our most critical leaders

    "The quality of coaches is second-to-none. Our leaders have access to a exceptional resource and feel valued and invested in. Many of our leaders have not had this type of support before, and they benefit tremendously from getting help solving problems in real time, in focusing on their known areas for growth, and being held accountable to someone to address these areas. "

    James B.
    James B.
    Head of Learning and Development at Yelp

    BetterManager is the partner we wish we had years ago.

    "Love the process of working with BetterManager's team to quickly iterate on programming until we had things just right. The quality of their coaches is their bread and butter. I've found that BetterManager has a rigorous vetting process, high bar and training program that ensures a consistent experience for any leader we put in the program. They have a leadership team that is heavily..."

    Lydia B.
    Lydia B.
    Sr. Art Director at SurveyMonkey

    Sr. Art Director | Video — I lead the video team at SurveyMonkey

    "The personal attention and care that my manager gave to my goals, growth, and interests. She really helped me transform and grow and brought a lot of clarity and understanding to me by asking me to consider things I wouldn't ordinarily pause to think about. "

    Michal N.
    Michal N.
    Director of Software Development at SmartRecruiters

    Excellent partner on a bumpy road to become a great manager.

    "BetterManger team designed an evaluation survey for my direct reports. I got excellent feedback and then worked on some key areas during coaching sessions. I had a chance to work with great coaches and got access to a broad set of training materials and resources. The best part of BetterManager is the well-thought structure they've built on top of essential manager competencies and areas of..."

    Lori H.
    Lori H.
    Research Associate/Team Leader at University of Rhode Island CEPS Office of Strategic Initiatives

    Remote coaching services.

    "Better Manager coaches are "professional", "highly qualified" and "engaged me easily", which are some of the comments we have been hearing from the participants. My experience as the program manager has been wonderful. The company has responded to all requests in a very timely fashion, provided monthly reports and accommodated participant requests. I couldn't be happier!"