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Asset Management
The QuickFMS Physical Assets Management module offers a complete inventory solution for tracking fixed physical and consumable assets within your corporate locations. Goods are followed throughout their life cycle, with allocated items such as cars, laptops and mobile phones mapped at the employee level
Help Desk Software | QuickFMS
QuickFMS Help Desk is a software that provides turnkey solutions for service request or complaints within organization locations efficiently and with complete transparency.
Maintenance Management
Delivers the optimal approach to maintenance within your corporate office or facility locations, saving time, costs and resources. If you’re responsible for the upkeep of bricks and mortar locations or ensuring that all on-site equipment is always performing at its best, QuickFMS can help you to get those jobs moving.
Property Management
The QuickFMS Property Management module offers the opportunity to centrally track, store and maintain information and documentation for buildings, properties, tenants, and leases. As such, it’s a truly valuable tool for real estate owners, MNCs, property management firms, the hospitality industry, the Government and military and educational campuses
Space Management
Plan, allocate and release space to individual employees, departments or projects, track how your spaces are used, and automate the entire workflow of your space utilization process in real-time. The Space Management tool integrates seamlessly with any ERP, HR or CRM system currently in place