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With advanced backup, recovery and archive services, you can now use the power of a single pane-of-glass SaaS platform to manage your entire environment.
Neverfail Workspaces
Neverfail Workspaces lets you automate, manage and deliver the same intuitive user experience for IT services and applications to all devices.
Continuity Engine
Continuity Engine protects your most mission-critical applications with a goal of zero downtime. It delivers near instantaneous failover with near-zero recovery times by proactively monitoring the health of your applications and ensuring that it is always in a healthy condition and in a healthy site. That site can be at the primary site, a secondary site or even a tertiary site.
HybriStor delivers deduplication across sites, replication to multiple sites and WAN optimization between sites. This groundbreaking secondary storage globally dedupes data by rates up to 30:1 - moving backup, archive and recovery data off expensive primary storage and onto high-performance, low-cost secondary storage. Solving your data storage growth problems just got easier, enabling you to meet blazing fast recovery requirements on-premise, across sites, and even into the cloud while reducing storage costs.
Neverfail Cloud Backup
Neverfail Cloud Backup and Recovery, built on Veeam, provides fast, flexible, and reliable recovery offsite backup and recovery of server applications and data. Support for virtual, physical and cloud servers enables IT to deliver offsite disaster recovery (DR) services and ensure IT availability with the #1 VM Backup for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V.
Secure Public and Private Cloud Services
Neverfail Secure Public Cloud offers access to unlimited on-demand resources, eliminating expensive IT hardware investments and enabling scale with ease. Full control of the cloud in a highly secure configuration allows service providers to quickly make necessary upgrades or changes on-demand, resulting in more satisfied customers. And make yourself a bit happier too by only paying for the resources you need, when you need them. We don't charge for ingress or egress traffic.