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Kalibrate Products

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Market Intel Cloud
Clients can tap into national, regional and local markets to track historical trends, examine current strengths and weaknesses, and anticipate future outcomes.
Kalibrate Cloud
End-to-end fuel and convenience retail performance management.
Kalibrate Managed Services
Kalibrate Managed Services are designed to offer secure performance and financial efficiency for clients of Kalibrate's cloud-based solutions.
KSS Fuels
Kalibrate provides strategic expertise and technology solutions in fuel pricing, location analysis, retail network planning and global market intelligence.
Location Cloud
Kalibrates market data, prescriptive analytics allow for planning and site selection
Pricing Cloud
With Kalibrate Pricing, you can leverage prescriptive analytics, powerful controls and robust data for total site profitability.
TrafficMetrix Cloud
Kalibrate TrafficMetrix is a source for consistent and readily available global traffic count intelligence. From metropolitan six-lane freeways to the smallest two lane rural roads, we are continuously updating the accuracy of our traffic count intelligence.