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Canvas is the LMS that makes teaching and learning (and implementation and adoption and customer support and student success and bragging to your non-Canvas-using peers) easier.
Bridge is a learning solution that helps make your employees smarter and more productive.
Canvas Network
Canvas Network is an index of open online courses from Ivy Leagues to community colleges. Anyone can sign up to take a course for free.
Arc is a more video-centric, interactive way to approach e-learning. Where video-learning-tool has typically been one-way and passive, Arc makes learning an active, collaborative, impactful two-way street.
Gauge changes the face (and results) of the AMS landscape by understanding that just testing is not enough. You need testing that delivers actionable data that can then impact teaching and learning. You need assessment that improves student achievement. And it would be nice if it were a one-stop learning and assessment tool—scalable, easy to use, easily customizable, with a modern, intuitive user experience. Gauge is all of that and more.