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Core Collaboration
Core Collaboration is a one-stop environment with all the tools teams, clients, and partners need to connect, be productive and work together - email, IM, document/project management, intranets, business social networking, shared calendars/contacts, workflow apps, web forms and more.
uShare.to bring people together across your business network no matter what organization they work for, or what software tool they use, access information sharing features and multiple communication modes like video, audio, group chat and mobile messaging in instant workspaces.
HyperOffice HyperBase
HyperBase allows you to simplify data collection through webforms and automate business processes with workflows and database apps – all in its anywhere accessible cloud database solution.
HyperOffice Project Management
HyperOffice brings more than 10 years of providing web-based communication and collaboration solutions to growing businesses. HyperOffice brings deep experience and a rich history, as we were amongst the first exponents of software-as-a-service collaboration - one of the most explosive markets in IT today.