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EffectiveSoft is an international software development service provider with more than 15 years of professional experience.
Intellexer Categorizer
Intellexer Categorizer is a semantic tool that automatically classifies documents by content and organizes them within categories that best fit the structure of your company and processes. For example, the categories can be Human Resources, Research and Development, Finance, Customer Feedback, Newsletters, etc.
Intellexer Clusterizer
Intellexer Clusterizer enables effective organizing, normalizing, linking, and processing of documents, presenting of retrieval results in a more logical, structured, and searchable way. Meanwhile, it can provide information seekers with a means of browsing, and searching information efficiently in a user friendly format to fulfill the user's information need
Intellexer Linguistic Processor
Intellexer Linguistic Processor is used to parse the input text and to extract multiple kinds of relations, for example, syntactic (noun phrases, verb phrases, adjectival and adverbial phrases, etc.) and semantic (subject-verb-object; Color, Direction, Degree, Effectiveness, etc.) ones. The output of Linguistic Processor is a semantic tree with certain semantic types of relations assigned to the links between the sentence elements
Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer
Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer successfully identifies not only personal names, names of organizations and geographical locations, but also extracts such entities as positions/occupations, nationalities, dates, ages, durations and names of events. The results of the Intellexer Named Entity Recognizer can be of great value to information end-user industries of all kinds, especially banks, finance companies, publishers and governments.
Intellexer Preformator
Intellexer Preformator extracts plain text and information about the text layout from documents of different formats (doc, pdf, rtf, html, etc.). Also Preformator automatically determines the structure (patent, news or scientific article, review, etc.) of document and its theme (economics, law, sports, etc.).
Intellexer SDK
Intellexer SDK incorporates natural language processing tools for semantic analysis of unstructured text data
Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer
Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer is a powerful and efficient solution that automatically extracts sentiments (positivity/negativity), opinion objects and emotions (liking, anger, disgust, etc.) from unstructured text information. Besides, Intellexer Sentiment Analyzer can be successfully used for document sentiment classification and review rating prediction tasks
Intellexer Summarizer
Intellexer Summarizer receives a source document and passes it to the Intellexer Preformator which extracts plain text (along with text formatting information, headers, links, etc.), detects document structure and language (using Intellexer Language Recognizer). Extracted text is received to the Intellexer Linguistic Processor which provides syntactic and semantic processing. After complete analysis extracted information is passed back to the Intellexer Summarizer for document summary generation