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CSCs RISKMASTER Accelerator claims software for carriers gives P&C claims professionals.
CyberLife is a Web-enabled, n-tiered system that provides cost-effective administration of life and annuity products.
Premium Billing 360
Premium Billing 360 is a highly scalable solution that can be delivered as a service or as an on-premise implementation.
Bank and Specialty Insurance
Bank insurance and debt protection products are specialty protection products sold through the unique marketing channels typical of a financial institution or other affinity marketer.
Celeritiā„¢ is DXC's end-to-end suite of SOA-based enterprise software for banking, cards, payments and lending.
DXC Support Services
DXC Support Services makes this a reality in hundreds of Fortune 500 companies around the world. Your employees can choose from a suite of support options and get the help they need from whichever channel they like, because choice means empowerment.
DXC Virtual Desktop and Applications Services
DXC VDA Services provide virtualized Windows / Linux applications and desktops from the security of a data center or from the cloud. Virtualized applications and desktops are accessible from a company's secure network or from the public internet, allowing users flexible and secure work location and device options, including the ability to bring your own device (BYOD).
DXC Workplace Device Services
Workplace Device Services enable clients in all industries to deploy and manage Windows-based devices and print services that optimize business performance.
INGENIUM is a core life, annuity and disability policy administration system.
DXC's POINT IN is an easy-to-configure, Java-based policy administration software component with the industry's most comprehensive insurance processing functions for all lines of business.
RADIENCE Administration is a state-of-the-art core policy administration system used by life and annuity insurers.
Tribridge Health360
The only consumer-centered, CRM-powered population health solution built for the Microsoft Cloud.