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DSS Products

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DSS vxVistA is an open source EHR built around a core set of Meaningful Use- and Drummond-certified applications that make it possible for healthcare providers to create longitudinal patient records in a digital format.
Caribou Community Living Care Suite
Caribou CLC Suite to automate resident care workflow processes for Community Living Centers.
Consult Tracking Manager (CTM)
Consult Tracking Manager is a web-based solution that streamlines workflows, allows clinicians increased bedside time, and ensures patients are scheduled in a timely manner.
Dental Record Manager Plus
Single platform for the entry of patient dental information.
DocManager is a robust, enterprise-wide software solution that automates the document management process from scanning, indexing, storing and sending mission-critical information to generating reports needed to perform system audits and workload analytics.
DSS Mental Health Suite
DSS Mental Health Suite (MHS) is today's most complete, versatile and cost-effective software solution for managing and documenting the care and treatment of mental health patients. Its application ranges from efficiently creating, editing and renewing patient intakes and treatment plans, to enabling care teams to more productively collaborate in order to ensure provider compliance with regulatory guidelines.
Fee Basis Claims System
FBCS is a powerful software solution that simplifies the administration and tracking of claims.
Home Based Mobile
DSS HB Mobile is designed to enable home-based primary care nurses to download patient data to mobile devices using VistA published RPC Broker calls.
Insurance Capture Buffer
Insurance Capture Buffer is a software solution that automates the data entry process by capturing and saving insurance information electronically.
Juno EHR
Above PAR solution streamlines workflows based on AEMS/MERS, the Generic Inventory Package and more. Above PAR's dashboard tool is coupled with its powerful auditing and reporting features, support cost management and asset tracking, while enhancing reporting efficiency and flexibility.
Helps providers navigate complex imaging guidelines, reduce imaging expenses and increase claims revenue.