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CareCloud Products

Revenue Cycle Management

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CareCloud Concierge
CareCloud Concierge is a complete revenue cycle management solution that allows you to shift the heavy lifting around getting paid, so you can focus more on patients and worry less about collections. Modern RCM software and real-time analytics combine with our specialized back-office team to help your practice improve profitability, eliminate administrative burdens, and adapt better to industry change.
CareCloud Breeze
CareCloud Breeze is the fastest patient registration and intake solution to seamless integration into your PM and EHR, Breeze makes every interaction between patients and your practice easier than ever.

CareCloud EHR

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CareCloud Advanced Analytics
CareCloud Central is a medical practice management solution that boosts productivity by automating the day-to-day tasks that can slow an office manager down. Central delivers much more than medical billing software. It has the tools to help generate cleaner claims and reduce denials, and streamline your workflow to deliver seamless handoffs across departments.
CareCloud Charts
CareCloud Charts is an MU-certified EHR solution that provides comprehensive tools to provide better patient care by streamlining clinical operations and ensuring paperless workflow.

Patient Engagement

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CareCloud Companion is a mobile medical app for doctors that lets you manage tasks from the CareCloud platform, and securely view your appointments and patient charts, even when youre out of the office. You get anywhere, anytime access to the clinical, administrative, and financial information you need the most so you can improve productivity and enhance patient care.
CareCloud Community
CareCloud Community is a suite of patient engagement and social tools that give you, your practice and your patients a secure way to communicate and collaborate with one another. Engage patients anywhere through a mobile patient portal to provide a better experience for them while reducing administrative hassle for your practice.


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CareCloud Professional Services
CareCloud Professional Services consists of a world-class team of financial, administrative and clinical experts who ensure you realize the full value of your new solutions. They form a deep partnership with you throughout the implementation lifecycle from initial system configuration to staff enablement. You get peace of mind throughout the process.