How will we change the game?

The current approach to buying business technology is broken. Buyers spend too much time sifting through spin, reading outdated analyst reports, and sitting through endless meetings. After all this, buyers still lack confidence in their choice of technology and most projects fail to meet their expectations. We will change this. By capturing our collective wisdom, we will make purchasing business technology as easy as buying consumer products. Start Browsing Reviews

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Crowd-Sourced Wisdom

Get unfiltered reviews from peers who use similar solutions. You no longer have to sort through vendor spin and outdated analyst reports. See Reviews

Public Net Promoter Scores

Leverage the first public gauge of Net Promoter Scores for business technology. Avoid hidden risks and get an accurate picture of your likelihood of success. See the Highest NPS Scores

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Identify True Leaders

Start your vendor selection process with product rankings aggregated from peer reviews and social data. Spend less time in vendor demos and evaluation meetings. See Top Rated CRM products