Integrating with G2

G2 provides customer-facing API endpoints, that can be used to trigger notifications when G2 users perform specific actions, including:

  • Creating a new lead
  • Visiting your product profile
  • Viewing your product on a category page
  • Viewing a comparison featuring your product
  • Viewing your sponsored content anywhere on the site
  • Completing a conversion event using your tracking pixel

Setting Up

An API token is necessary for connecting to the API. You can create, revoke, and manage your API tokens from the API Tokens tab within your Vendor Admin.

Log in to create an API token

Information for Solution Providers


You can read our full documentation if you wish to connect directly to our API endpoints here:

API Documentation


For most use cases, we recommend using Zapier to integrate our API into your existing systems. Check out our Zapbook to get started.