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Zoner Photo Studio X is a Windows software for editing and organizing photos.

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What is Zoner Photo Studio X?

Zoner Photo Studio X – intuitive, lightning-fast software for your photos.

ZPS X is the only software you need for your photos. Download, organize, and edit your photos and share them via photo products and more. All this simply, quickly, and in one place!
Join the Zoner Community and its over 10 million users world-wide now!

Benefits for Organizations
• Thanks to the intuitive user interface, long training periods are not necessary.
• Batch operations that save lots of time.
• Non-destructive edits for every image format.
• Unlike other programs, ZPS X brings you always faster to your goal.
• Internet access is only for the activation necessary – after that, the software can be used offline.
• Low system requirements and price.
• Tell your organization's story with photos and slideshows.
• Edit, clean up, and organize photos of volunteers and on-site events.
• Plan, share and analyze your photos over social media channels.

Major Capabilities
• AUTOMATIC IMPORT: Import (download) photos onto your computer in just a few seconds. ZPS will detect your device and sort your photos, and can even back them up for you immediately. You can keep on working normally during the import. ZPS even has commands for bringing in pictures from a PDF or a scanner.

• EASY ORGANIZATION: Organize your photo archive however you prefer and browse photos by their location, date taken, keywords, or folders. Add descriptions, GPS coordinates, keywords, colored labels, ratings, and more easily. They’ll save you lots of time searching for pictures later. With batch operations, all this goes even faster. And above all, none of it ever changes the organization that you choose for your photos.

• NON-DESTRUCTIVE EDITS: Non-destructive edits are edits you can take back at any time, and they never degrade your photos. Find them in the Develop module: from exposure and color adjustments, to straightening, cropping, and more.

• UNLIMITED EDITING POSSIBILITIES: The Editor module offers many ways to edit your photos. The sky’s the limit! ZPS X offers work with layers, retouching, blending modes, color and exposure correction, smart sharpening and blurring, dehazing, Dodge & Burn brushes, HDR, perspective correction, cropping, automatic edits, lens flare, a radial filter, improved noise reduction, cloning of objects, various filters, and much more.

• SIMPLE SHARING: Show off your creations in just a few clicks. Besides sharing over social networks and email, you can also use ZPS to work with photos stored on your Facebook account, Google Disk, Dropbox, or OneDrive. Naturally our Zonerama on-line gallery is integrated too. Present your photos using the built-in full-screen viewer, or even via our video maker.

• FAST PHOTO PRODUCTS: Turn your photos into gifts (books, calendars, canvas prints, and many more stylish objects) for your loved ones from right inside of ZPS X. Or send them a ZPS photo postcard!

Zoner Photo Studio X Details Provided by: Oliver K.

Zoner Photo Studio X Details Provided by: Oliver Kubicka

Marketing & Sales Manager DACH bei ZONER software
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