Michael S.
    Michael S.
    Staff Scientist and Data Analyst at Environmental Health & Engineering

    Easily allows users to book spaces

    "Yarooms allows me and my colleagues to book meeting and work spaces easily and remotely. The website, mobile app, and web mobile versions are all seamless to use and update in real time in order for us to effectively manage use of our spaces. My company spaced small tables with AC power delivered to them outside of each space attached to the walls next to the doors. This enables the tables to..."

    User in Higher Education

    Pat B

    "I appreciate having one place to see all the room availability and details necessary for planning."

    Frank R.
    Frank R.
    Director of IT/CIO Alden Central Schools, Education & Technology Consultant

    Simple Design. Easy to use Facilities Scheduling

    "Yarooms has an elegant design to it. It is very easy for our Faculty/Staff to schedule rooms and Technology."

    Administrator in Outsourcing/Offshoring

    YArooms Review

    "Customer support has been very responsive. The tool is fairly easy to use."

    User in Research

    Yarooms = very convenient for space reservation!

    "The layout is user friendly and easy to locate the day you want to reserve on the calendar.`"

    Lucian G.
    Lucian G.
    Founder & Executive Director at 112hub.com

    Yarooms - peace of mind for our shared workspace

    "Availability on all platforms and mediums"

    Administrator in Non-Profit Organization Management

    Very easy to setup and use

    "We love Yarooms. It was so easy to setup, and all our end-users find it very easy and user friendly to book rooms and resources. Its quick, got a very good user interface and end users find it so easy. The App is also so nice and convenient, our users just log into it to extend a room or car booking if they're in the middle of an appointment and its done! So much better than our old clunky..."

    Alex P.
    Alex P.
    CIO at Overactive

    An amazing SaaS platform to manage bookings

    "Yaroom makes it easy to book a desk from any of our locations across different countries. Straight forward, super quick setup. It has a comprehensive API to access and provide integration with other systems"

    Steve O.
    Steve O.
    IT Business Analyst at University of Ottawa Heart Institute

    YArooms literally checked all the boxes for us!

    "What we like best is that YArooms has a light-feeling, and yet a very powerful user interface that our users have found to be a crowd-pleaser. We also like its simplicity, and the very competitive cost that has allowed us to adopt this system within a very tightly-funded healthcare environment. The branding features have been well-received as well."