Ben G.
    Ben G.
    Head of Talent Acquisition at News Corp Australia

    Xref is secure, easy to use and automates what used to be a slow and time consuming exercise

    "Xref saves a huge amount of time in organising and completing reference checks, as well as increasing the security and validity of the checks. It's easy for all parties to use and the Xref team provide fantastic support"

    Caroline C.
    Caroline C.
    Manager, Talent Acquisition at Cerebral Palsy Alliance

    We couldn't have experienced the huge growth in staff numbers without Xref

    "Our company is experiencing significant growth. Xref saves our talent acquisition team an enormous amount of time each and every day. I also find the Xref team extremely knowledgeable and proactive. They have taken the time to understand our business and ensure they offer value add solutions to meet our resourcing strategy."

    Dusty L.
    Dusty L.
    TA leader strategically scouting the globe for top engineering consulting/EPCM leaders and professionals for Hatch!

    Great resource!

    "They save me a lot of time. References are able to respond to questions when it best suites them. This gives them to opportunity give thought to their answers. What's also good is Xref can track if references are legit. We've had cases where candidates have provided false references. Xref was able to determine by IP address that the references provided came from the candidates IP number."

    Paul H.
    Paul H.
    General Manager at BSW Timber Ltd

    Cut down on our resources and saved them.

    "The great part would be that the inspection are able to be done on time, though you are able to get a lot better info from the staff members than from the telephone book. When negotiating with recruiters, we include the benchmark in the recommendations of ours since we wish to be realistic about whether the benchmark is actually negative or positive as a whole, and we wish to consider the..."

    Zara G.
    Zara G.
    Talent Acquisition Advisor at Shine Lawyers

    Outstanding product & service

    "Ability to have such a lengthy process moved online. Love that our candidates can really control the process of their references."

    Laura P.
    Laura P.
    Risk Engineering Consultant en RSA

    Streamlined finding correct people for our comapny.

    "The ability to carry out test checks at the same time is the most obvious advantage, but the information we received from our employees was much better than phone checks (where the "option correct" might be perceived as a mean to speeding up the conversation! We appreciate the convenience of being able to consider the entire background check as positive or negative, as well as exporting the..."

    Internal Consultant in Legal Services

    Helpful services and faster recruitment times

    "Streamlines the reference check process and saves a lot of time that would normally be used for follow up. It helps us have faster recruitment turnaround times. Responsive support and team that provides solutions and suggestions for how we can further improve our reference check process. Having an assigned customer service representative that reaches out and maintains the relationship is also a..."

    Brittani M.
    Brittani M.
    Recruitment Consultant at Datacom

    XREF is user friendly and efficient

    "I like the idea of less waste and easy use"

    Russell D.
    Russell D.
    Every day is your Job Interview

    The future of HR

    "Automation and meaningful interactions with job seekers is something we all want in HR, though few solutions manage to achieve one without sacrificing the other. XREF manages this balance well and provides a clean, easy to use and reliable platform to conduct business. The support team at XREF is personable and provides prompt service giving you confidence in the process and ultimately, your..."

    Michelle K.
    Michelle K.
    Senior Talent Acquisition Business Partner at Shine Lawyers

    Can't do without Xref

    "The ability to complete reference checks in a timely manner is the most obvious benefit, but also the amount of detail we get from the referees is significantly more than in phone based reference checks (where a "good" might be seen as a way to hurry the telephone call up!). We appreciate the easy, at a glance way of seeing if the reference check is overall positive or negative, and the easy..."

    Sandy S.
    Sandy S.
    Private Wealth Management

    Optimizes the reference verification process and simplifies it.

    "The results may be offered without much extent by the leader, and there is an intriguing investigation into the tone and quantity consisting. It depends on your opponent to complete their references in the course of their inquiry and will make numerous modified enquirers for the adjudicator."

    Shannon B.
    Shannon B.
    Business Manager and Adult Educator

    Efficient platform with amazing customer service

    "My favourite part of the organization is the amazing customer service, they are prompt, polite and help with a very genuine attitude. My favourite feature of Xref is the fraudulent notifications that are provided for when an applicant uses someone that may share the same IP address. Xref will send a notification and any criteria to either alert you of an issue. This has proven extremely..."

    Liana G.
    Liana G.

    Easy to use, saving you time and money!

    "- easy to use - integrates with criminal check (1 login to action both checks) - Xref team is responsive, helpful and friendly - you can customize questions"

    User in Civil Engineering

    Great tool - intuitive, easy to use...

    "Love the new People Search notification functionality Easy to use Fully integrated with our ATS Email alerts when a reference has been completed Potential fraudulent reference checks get flagged"

    Annie D.
    Annie D.
    Delivering Happiness at Zoom Video Communications!

    Fraudulent References

    "Xref is a very simple, automated tool to help collect references, which can be a very time consuming task. Because of the use of technology, Xref can also catch possible fraudulent references taking place. For example, if a candidate fills out a reference themselves or does not provide professional email addresses, Xref sends us a notification."

    User in Marketing and Advertising

    Seamless , effortless & compliant!

    "I love using XRef, the process it’s self is really uncomplicated, for candidates, referees and my wider team and the support team is fantastic."

    Samantha S.

    National Talent Acquisition Manager

    "Ease of use, fast turnaround time of getting references completed and quantity of feedback provided in the referee's own words."