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Embed Windward in your application to deliver visually stunning documents with a user-friendly template design system.

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What is Windward Studios?

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Embed Windward in your app to deliver high-volume document generation with a familiar user-friendly design environment

Windward Studios Details Provided by: Dave T.

Windward Studios Details Provided by: Dave Thielen

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About Windward Studios

Add stunning Document Automation to your application by embedding Windward in your application. With smart document logic and an incredibly intuitive interface Windward will save you time & money.

How do you position yourself against your competitors?

Windward’s embedded solutions provide best-of-breed document automation capabilities at a fraction of the cost and time of alternative approaches. And the familiar and powerful design environments reduce custom template development time by more than 50%.

The Windward Engine can be embedded in most existing applications by copy/pasting only a few lines of code while beautiful and sophisticated templates can be created and edited by business users and developers alike.

There are a lot of document automation solutions on the market. Only a few are designed for document output, fewer still offer stand-alone and embeddable solutions, and only one combines all that with high-performance output and unmatched free-form design control to deliver the perfect document generation solution—Windward, of course!

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