Administrator in Music

    So Powerful and easy to use

    "Webhose provide a freemium plan with a Playground section that enabled me to easily run some primary tests before going on a premium subscription. Now our team is integrating Webhose api into our service. Their support has been exemplary since day one and their team helped us adding every blogs we wanted to monitor."

    Consultant in Market Research

    Excellent Service

    "The interface, reliability and ease of use of the APIs and the services"

    User in Information Technology and Services

    Robust Data Sources & Great Customer Service

    "I really enjoy talking with the support at Webhose. They are always very helpful. They do support many different types of data sources and continue to make improvements and changes to their list."

    Reece L.

    Really great data source

    "We love Webhose and use it for the source of data for our content curation search engine. It works really great and fairly simple to set up if you are a dev. Thoroughly recommended for platforms or services looking for a done for you web scraper and data supplier for the purposes of content marketing/sharing etc. The cost of the platform is extremely affordable for one man bands or..."

    Consultant in Marketing and Advertising

    Great affordable coverage monitoring platform

    "Webhose is almost unique in that it offers an affordable way of monitoring breaking news stories about my clients. The specific site search / other boolean terms also help make it easier. Yes it's a bit fiddly to use and import the data easily into a Google Sheet / Excel, but overall it's the best value service out there. "

    User in Computer Software

    Great customer experience, very good platform

    "I really love the response from the Webhose team. Every time I've asked for help on support, they responded quickly and we got a solution within a few messages. Also, their API is simple to use, and the API playground in the platform makes everything easier."

    Rodrigo R.
    Rodrigo R.
    Senior Software Engineer | CTO | Backend Engineer | Tech Lead | Ecommerce, B2B, B2C, SaaS | Growth & Acquisition

    It's like an API for google crawler

    "I really liked the ease of use of the api dashboard so we can test our queries and see the results."

    Jason J.
    Jason J.
    Open to new opportunities!

    A* Service

    "The service delivered by is 1st class, when comparing them to other content providers we work with. This company is simply a dream. Their communication with the customer is extremely good and all staff I've worked with are very friendly and professional, with a willingness to accommodate customer needs as best as possible."

    Internal Consultant in Market Research

    easy to use API for web content retrieval

    "Webhose solves a sizable part of web monitoring by providing a comprehensive, easily usable API with which to perform advanced search on deeply indexed content. The website / forum / discussion groups indexed base is obviously not the whole internet, but provides a wide enough sample as to be statistically relevant. "

    Marco C.

    Excellent service, building useful data

    "The service allows you to query tons of public data that you can use to build up tools for your business, thanks to the structured orientation of the results."

    gianandrea f.
    gianandrea f.
    Runner and CEO @Buzzdetector

    reliable data for thorough analysis

    "Clean data returned, easy to implement, great support."

    User in Security and Investigations

    Great Data Feeds!

    "I really like the access that they have to many different blogs and forums sites. I have not been able to find this high-quality data at the same price anywhere."

    Amien K.
    Amien K.
    Founder of Sonar Platform | Digital Listening | Media Intelligence | Conversational Analytics

    Great Reliability & Support

    "the service's reliability and support, also easy to implement"

    Administrator in Management Consulting

    Huge Amounts of Data for our Product

    "The amount of data that comes in through webhose is massive, it's more than the other providers we tested. The Python API is quite useful as well. Support is pretty good, too, they typically answer most questions within a couple of hours. "

    Mike A.
    Mike A.
    Chief Operations Officer at Echosec Systems Ltd.

    Excellent variety and quality of data

    "Query system is simple to use and consistent across data providers Data is well cleaned Pricing is very clear and approachable"

    Alain Philippe P.
    Alain Philippe P.
    Sourcing Analyst na AKIO Software

    Very good service with good price

    "The interface is easy to work with and the possibility to have the data from the last 30 days"

    Nate M.
    Nate M.
    Software Engineer at NUVI

    Excellent source for our data pipeline

    "Webhose gives us access to large amounts of data that help us process mission critical data in our pipeline."

    Ivan D.
    Ivan D.
    Data Tech Support Engineer

    Pretty high quality, reasonable price, perfect support

    "1. Time to response on tickets - guys from webhose answer really fast, the period of solving issues is short. 2. Pricing model: very flexible and easy to manage. 3. Playground functionality: make the process of testing the quality and quantity of data for different cases much easier. 4. Well-architectured API"