Sergey G.

    Impressive protection for web applications

    "Deployment is based on NGINX module, stable and custom builds available Any number of WAF nodes can be deployed depending on your network perimeter and the total number of incoming HTTP requests Protects against the most popular OWASP-10 attacks Supports WebSockets, REST API, SOAP, JSON"

    Administrator in Financial Services

    Next Gen WAF for the win

    "It is pretty easy to use and install since it is just a module for nginx. Complex and thorough though logical and comprehensible system of "Hints". Fast response from the support team 24/7."

    Martin O.
    Head of Security at Private

    The easiest WAF for REST API endpoints

    "One button installation as Ubuntu package"

    Administrator in Information Technology and Services

    WAF that does really work without constant manual tuning

    "Wallarm's intelligent and adaptive logic. No need to infinitely tune and keep adjusting it to shut up false positive and squeeze some value. It just works, with fairly small effort."

    Dmitry K.
    Dmitry K.
    Advisor at Dive

    ML based API security testing solution

    "1. Functionality 2. Performance and time to resolution comparing with competitors 3. Ease of integration 4. 24/7 support"

    Rolande  V.
    Rolande V.
    CMO at Effebot | Robotic VOICE-mailings

    Impressive security solution for business applications

    "1) Easy-to-use product with a beautiful dashboard; 2) Round-the-clock customer support; 3) Protection against the most popular types of attacks"

    Ivan E.
    Ivan E.
    Application Security Lead at Qiwi

    Security Tool that works out of the box

    "Easy to setup and use in production. Low false-positive rate. Good support. It has really awesome feature like as virtual-patching, that has saved our lives several times. Looking forward to new antibot feature."

    Jim J.
    Jim J.
    Helping MSPs and IT Departments improve their security and unlock their lost service desk profitability

    Simple to use and Effective

    "It has a very clean user interface, has a Kubernetes self-hosted option, and is primarily a set it and forget it system."

    Serg P.

    Web Application Firewall that delivers results

    "Detailed statistics are available in the dashboard - hits, attacks, RPS, incidents, attack sources from different countries. Tools for rechecking attacks and validating vulnerabilities. Global and local rules provide multiple layers of protection uniquely tailored for our applications and sites."

    Kirill K.

    Nice to have it

    "Detects and blocks attacks in real-time Easy to use web interface Customizable block page with branding options Attack rechecker with vulnerability validation Reports with many different filters"