Anthony N.
    Anthony N.
    Managing Director at IPGĀ®

    One of the most important business apps you can have

    "We use this software every day due to its simplicity and effectiveness as a tool to support the business. The licensing is not based on control nodes like others but by supported seats which make pricing far more competitive."

    Elian J.

    From anywhere to any service

    "VNC Connect is a solid remote support device used by my people. As our group is small and we also support many individuals, we use remote care alternatives as much as possible. We use it for remote, internal and external troubleshooting, and the item's functions are reliable. In addition, we use it in our audiovisual events to manage presentation laptops. This allows us to remain invisible and..."

    Christopher G.
    Christopher G.
    Engineer at Globecast

    Reliable and easy remote connection.

    "RealVNC met our solutions for remote connection. We had the fluidity of connecting with both online and offline LAN computers. The amazing way you can export your address book so that clients can have simple import functionality and connection. Also, how you can control admin and user functionalities is simple and easy. RealVNC sales team is supportive throughout the whole process and helpful..."

    User in Computer & Network Security

    Fantastic and reliable piece of software

    "The fact it works nearly every time even on a very slow connection"

    User in Telecommunications

    The best discovery for working remotely

    "VNC Connect is a well-established web-based remote access platform perfect for working from home. The connection is fast and very stable in addition to having a simple and visually appealing interface on it you can share screens, files, record sessions and make a remote printing also has a very comfortable and sophisticated real-time chat, has very affordable subscription plans that offer..."

    Jon B.

    Hands-down, the BEST and most trusted Remote Desktop solution on the market

    "Cross-platform support and mobile apps. All of my remote management solutions in one place, regardless of the OS or device. Also the trust in RealVNC as a secure solution. Security for remote access is crucial and there are some very unsavory platforms out there."