VECTARY is an online 3D modeling tool desigened to help create, share and customize 3D designs.

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What is VECTARY?

Vectary - the online 3D design & 3D modeling software
Join thousands of designers and makers using VECTARY for 3D printing, visual art, graphic design, product design, game design, customization of 3D models, AR and VR projects, or simply for fun!

3D design in the web browser
Create 3D designs right in your browser and have everything saved in the cloud so you can work and access them from anywhere, at anytime. All you need is a laptop or desktop computer with an internet connection and an email to set up your account.

Easy drag & drop 3D modeling
Save time designing with a simple drag and drop interface. Discover the fun in 3D and experience creative freedom. It’s never been easier to create impressive 3D designs.

Real-time collaboration
Invite friends, colleagues, classmates or even clients to your 3D design projects. Work together as a team. Share ideas with one another, leave comments and get things done. All in one place.

Real-time rendering
Forget about spending hours and hours to render your work in other tools. Get fantastic high-resolution renders in real time, right from the 3D editor, and show off your designs in 2D!

Get the skills of the future today
3D is becoming as common as JPEG in design. Create projects and content for AR, VR, game design, education, 3D printing or anything you like. Bonus: Vectary is the first online 3D design tool that supports export of USDZ file, a universal AR file for iOS 12 by Apple. The future of design starts here.

Search thousands of 3D models, icons, fonts
Search through thousands of models, icons and fonts from the 3D library and create anything you can imagine. Simply drag and drop them onto the 3D scene and start editing them for the best experience.

Choose from hundreds of different materials
Give your 3D design a realistic appearance. Make it stand out by using one of the materials from our library: fabric, wood, concrete, metal and many more.

Get inspired by 3D templates
Need a little push to spark your creativity? Jump straight into your design process by using a pre-rendered scene, layout or template.

Import and export what you love
Already have a computer full of great 3D designs? Just drag and drop them on the 3D scene and continue creating. You can also download your projects effortlessly. One click and it’s all done. Formats available are .stl, .obj, .glb, glTF, .jpeg, .png and .svg.

Share designs as Facebook 3D posts and more
Post 3D visuals to your social media channels or 3D model repositories and get your work known to the world. Share your favorite designs with just a few clicks.

3D print-ready results
Each model you create in Vectary can be 3D printed on a home printer or 3D printing service sites such as Shapeways, which you can access directly from the 3D editor. Your idea can be a real product in a couple of days.

VECTARY for Education
Complement your STEM curricula with 3D and make learning an adventure with no limits. Spark students’ creativity and engage them in your topics like never before.

VECTARY Details Provided by: Mirka B.

VECTARY Details Provided by: Mirka Biel Kasanicka

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