Mateusz P.
    Mateusz P.
    Pipedrive / Shopify Consultant at pickSaaS

    Great onboarding software, a must have for any software producer.

    "Really like the simplicity and user-friendliness of the application, we have successfully created an onboarding sequence without the need for development spending. Another great thing is its feedback collection/communications features allowing us to easily collect and aggregate feedback. Probably one of the key apps for any software producer/company."

    Richard A.
    Richard A.
    Co-Founder of TouchLess Keychain at TouchLess Keychain and Customer Success Manager at CuePath Innovation

    Great software and Amazing service!

    "I really enjoy the seamless process of building walkthroughs, onboarding guides, and hot spots.Suzan has been really great with providing the necessary support throughout."

    Yigit K.
    Yigit K.
    Inbound Marketing Manager

    Very Easy to Use Onboarding Tool!

    "Onboarding new users for SaaS businesses sometimes can get tricky. With UserGuiding it is very simple with its intuitive UI. Also, I like how the customer support team is always responsive and answers every question of mine quickly."

    Internal Consultant in Computer Software

    Great tool, great user experience. Very flexible and awesome suppport!

    "The smart Userinterface and the flexibility."

    Tadeáš A.

    Simple, quick solution to explain our complex features

    "I used for creating a walkthrough of the result page of our UX research platform. This page contains a lot of powerful tools and analytics which were not used by users as much as I would like due to their complexity at first glance. I enjoyed easy integration, its intuitiveness. I was able to quickly create a solid walkthrough to communicate more information and explain some of the powerful..."

    Ester L.

    Easy to manage onboarding system

    "It's a code-free, intuitive interface. Also, they have excellent customer support. I've implemented the guides that I need in a couple of days. The previous way required me more than a month!"

    Administrator in Marketing and Advertising

    Just the solution I am searching for

    "Well thought out process to enable what is a difficult and complex task of creating unique user guides with no coding. Adds a lot of value to help customers onboard and saves hours of support time and reduces churn."

    Faisal T.

    Useful Software and an Amazing Service

    "Ease of use comes first in the mind, the software is an extremely handy application to explain users how your website or software works. I run a few businesses, we have a technology company, a media and marketing company, a property investment company so we intend to use it for our SAAS applications as well as our E-Portals to make the user journey, interaction and general use easy for the..."

    Carlo D.
    Carlo D.

    Great tool.

    "It's a wonderful tool to enable no-tech people to provide in-app guides and tooltips to customers. Code-free, very powerful tool. The support is great."

    Jeff S.
    Entrepreneur, Product Manager & Content Marketer - SaaS and Startup Guy

    Amazingly easy to build and test user onboard workflows

    "I'm so impressed with how there is zero coding or technical skills required to setup a sophisticated onboarding flow. All I had to do was install a Chrome extension and the tool worked on my website. The product is deep with features including checklists, confirm boxes, goal tracking and reporting. But the thing that got me over the edge was that my product team could build out various..."

    Eray T.

    Everything we need for introducing our product

    "It's extremely simple to create product introductions and there are valuable features such as checklists and segmentation to support user training."