Userback provides solution for developers, agencies and website owners to collect valuable user feedback from web projects, and manage or share in a cloud based web interface.

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What is Userback?

Build better products and create better product experiences for your customers through visual feedback and its ability to articulate ideas or provide context to problems.

Better experiences, faster websites, more accurate apps and happier people means more customers. Customers that will stay longer and customers that will be more likely to refer. Userback facilitates this relationship by connecting your people through feedback and collaboration.

If you're an agency delivering web projects for clients, working in a team or collecting feedback on your site, Userback will save you time by managing feedback for all of your web apps in one place.

Userback allows users to articulate their feedback by drawing on the screen and commenting on webpages. All the feedback is captured inside Userback for simple management.

Connect Userback with product you already use like Jira, Hip chat, Basecamp, Slack and many more.

Userback Details Provided by: Jonathan T.

Userback Details Provided by: Jonathan Tobin

Chief Customer Officer at Vision6
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