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Upswift provides a plug&play device management platform for IoT and Linux devices. With the Upswift platform users can deploy OTA updates, control, monitor, access, and secure IoT and Linux devices remotely. The vendor states that Upswift enables users to connect any type of Linux or IoT device to Upswift platform in less than 60 seconds. Details
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Update, Control & Monitor IoT and Linux devices in the field with a click of a button.

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The most useful feature on the UpSwift platform is the ability to remotely log into edge devices. It's also very useful to monitor processes that are running on devices to see if any of them have failed. Review collected by and hosted on

What do you dislike?

Nothing really! UpSwift has been the missing piece to our project and with this, it is now able to upscale world wide Review collected by and hosted on

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Sometimes we have services running on edge devices that can fail for a number of reasons. UpSwift is able to send us an email notification when one of these devices goes down and we are able to diagnose the problem quickly, and push out an update to fix it. This results in a lot less down time for our customers Review collected by and hosted on

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