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Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is a scalable and Open Source Linux based software appliance for identity, IT infrastructure and service management. It offers basic services for managing users, groups, and computers. In addition, UCS also contains a wide range of server applications, i.e. for IP management (DNS/DHCP), mail and groupware solutions, file share and sync tools, online office suites, project management tools, ERP solutions, and more – all available in the Univention App Center. UCS has a modular design, scales well, and is easy to deploy. UCS is Open Source, available as free edition or as enterprise edition with support and extended maintenance. UCS integrates with Microsoft Active Directory or offers Active Directory compatible services to replace Microsoft servers. It's also possible to manage the identities for Windows, macOS, and Linux clients and servers. Main Features: • Easy web based management system for identities, resources, services, and more. • Integrated IT management services like LDAP (directory services), Kerberos (authentication), DNS and DHCP. • More than 90 apps in the Univention App Center, including 3rd party business applications like Nextcloud, ownCloud, ONLYOFFICE, Collabora, OpenProject, SuiteCRM, OpenXchange and Kopano (one-click installation or virtual appliances). • Scalable thanks to a "domain" concept that allows to easily deploy and manage UCS environments with one or hundreds of server instances and up to hundreds of thousands of users. • Compatible with Microsoft Active Directory, making it easy to integrate in existing environments or to build your own Active Directory compatible domain and connect Windows, macOS, and Linux clients and servers. • Many basic IT services, i.e. file and print server, self-service portal for users (web based), and Single Sign-on (SAML and OpenID Connect) • Comprehensive APIs to automate tasks from deployment up to the management stack. • Enterprise software with commercial support available, successfully used by thousands of organizations. Free Download at: https://www.univention.com/downloads/download-ucs/

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Univention Corporate Server Profile Details

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1 of 1 total Univention Corporate Server reviews

Univention Corporate Server Reviews

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"Reliable, extensible, fast"

What do you like best?

It just works. It stays up, it's fast & lean.

Built on solid Samba foundations for dependable SMB services to Windows clients.

Strong on configuration visibility

What do you dislike?

Not yet an integrated tool to manage file or folder level permissions.

No dashboard to view overall health or highlight errors occurring in the file servers. Samba logs and logging options can be complex. Univention could add some value to this by consolidating and filtering logs to show the key performance indicators.

When a needed samba or other /etc option is not in the gui, the flow from setting the option in the univention registry through to the generated conf file is not easy to follow.

Recommendations to others considering the product:

Performance - faster

Reliability - superior - no Tuesday night reboots

Licencing - cheaper, no time wasted on licence admin

Simpler - no version/edition obfuscation

Extensible - lots of modules available

Cross platform - nfs clients well supported

Adminiable - browse to administer, no RDP required.

Deep - all features supported

What problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

Core file serving

Windows domain user authentication

Flawlessly scaled from 5 to 55 users with no configuration changes.

Completely reliable as a virtual machine.

Easy to access administration with browser control panel.

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