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What is uAttend?

uAttend was built for businesses that need an easy-to-use, affordable, and reliable time and attendance system.

Securely Capture Every Punch
Capture every punch from every time clock in your uAttend cloud account the instant it happens. See who’s in, who’s out, who’s early, who’s late in real time from your computer, laptop, or smartphone. No more chasing paper time cards for answers.

Manage Time Cards Anywhere
Quickly review, approve, and calculate all your digital time cards in your uAttend cloud account. Check, edit, and configure employee hours in minutes. Review one at a time or in batches. No more costly paper cards, messy ink ribbons, or annoying errors.

Export Hours To Any Payroll
Automatically calculate, review, and approve employee hours for any pay period in your uAttend cloud account. Export to any payroll system in minutes. It’s that easy. No more pencils, calculators, calendars, or expensive human errors.

Run Reports On All Your Data
Get the latest details on all your time and attendance data by running real-time reports in your uAttend cloud account. You can even run a system-wide report to get a closer look at everything. No more searching for a needle in a haystack.

Empower Employee Interaction
Give your employees more visibility into their time and attendance totals, while enabling easier answers to routine requests. Your uAttend time clocks and cloud account streamline interactions. No more back and forth for simple questions.

uAttend Details Provided by: uAttend .

uAttend Details Provided by: uAttend

uAttend - Cloud Connected Time & Attendance System
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