Viviana S.
    Viviana S.
    Expert Digitalization | BASF || Industry 4.0 | Innovation

    Excellent big data analytics tool to empower production

    "TrendMiner overcomes the most disadvantages of conventional tools for analysis of production process data. Many production plants struggle to identify process improvements based on production data because using existing tools is often cumbersome, complicated, and time-consuming. Trendminer enables production plants to leverage production big data by providing a user-oriented tool that..."

    Kobe D.

    useful and easy to use yet with a whole lot of capabilities

    "Clear trends and easy problem identification"

    Norman R.

    Great Enhancement To OSIsoft Offerings

    "Speed of the inquiry and the menu driven design. The search capability and the ability to statistical compare is very helpful in understand differences."

    Kenneth T.

    Powerful process data analysis tool with great support

    "The searching/filtering and analysis tools are easy to use. The user interface is quick and responsive. Product updates with new, customer-requested features are released frequently. Customer service has been quick and reliable to help us with special requests and to provide quick support when needed. There is an easily accessible "help" section and support chat functionality that helps make..."

    Aubyn C.
    Aubyn C.
    Digitalization Leader and Process Improvement Engineer at Cornerstone Chemical Co.

    Speedy Insights

    "Allows you to manipulate trends and data for really quick insights that would take too many hours and be too cumbersome of a task to achieve in traditional trending client or excel. Also TrendMiner engineers are very hands-on helpful and often have manufacturing experience - don't shy away from any problem. When requesting help thru the platform, they practically fight to be the one to help."

    Claire C.

    Rapid process insights, great support team

    "Most data analytics and visualisation tools are cumbersome to use and require a huge amount of training for users to get value from it. TrendMiner is easy to get started with and very intuitive to use. Our users are delighted that with only a few clicks and a few seconds, you can combine data that you otherwise would have had to print out or transfer to another tool to see the data in one..."