Suzanne S.
    Suzanne S.
    Business Consultant

    ThreeKit - An Innovative Experiencial & Interactive Software Company

    "Besides having an excellent product, I found the most helpful about ThreeKit is the people who work there. Not only are they creative problem solvers, but they are active listeners to what your needs and visions are. They are authentically team players bringing in the best people to tackle the job at hand. I am not a software professional, and the ease of our communication was seamless. The end..."

    Isaac M.
    Isaac M.
    Senior Manager, Web & Digital at Menswear Retailer

    Making The Store MTO Experience Come Alive Online

    "Working with Threekit is an easy process. They quickly figured out what we were looking for and knew the right way to go about it."

    User in Consumer Goods

    Powerful 3D Configurator

    "The 3D configurator solution is by far the best on the market from the various companies we researched. This configurator is affordable, scalable, and maintainable unlike other configurators we had looked at."

    Rick U.
    Rick U.

    Great company with excellent service

    "I like that ThreeKit has done the heavy lifting for 3D product configurators. Their product is great! Working with Kiefer was a treat. He and the team at ThreeKit were helpful in getting us up to speed, and it's so nice to work with people who are experts in their field."

    Charles H.
    Charles H.
    Developer & IT Professional. Remote work only.

    A Satisfying Way to View Products

    "When presenting a product using the ThreeKit solution we're able to give a real sense of what it's like to have it in front of the customer."

    Emidio C.

    Good experience and professional support

    "A fully customised tool for our personalised products. The ThreeKit team is professional and patient."

    Kyle D.
    Kyle D.
    Sr. Applications Engineer at Steelcase

    ThreeKit provides excellent solutions to 3D visualization on the web

    "The ThreeKit team has been very supportive of our needs to show 3D content and has repeatedly developed custom solutions for us at reasonable cost."

    Evan H.

    Threekit owns Clara, a powerful web rendering tool for showcasing product.

    "Being able to view our product on any web platform is incredibly valuable. The way Threekit has helped support our team create personal solutions has also been a great asset. "

    Executive Sponsor in Furniture

    Superb Service, Diligent Timelines

    "Threekit’s ability to collaborate with our development team, and drive an accurate timetable has been a major factor to our projects launch and continued success."

    Tom G.

    Good platform. Excellent customer service.

    "Looks great, realistic rendering. Versatile features."

    Dylan H.
    Dylan H.

    Very helpfulp with implementation

    "The team was very attentive and helped us get the site setup with their tool."

    Olesia K.

    Very professional and skillful team. Looking forward to work with them on our future projects.

    "They accommodated almost all our request, all communication was very professional and timely. The final product exceeded our expectations."

    Administrator in Apparel & Fashion

    Amazing Platform with Great Client Team

    "The team at Threekit is incredibly organized, responsive and emotionally invested in their partners. We migrated off Cylindo (a competitor in the 3D rendering space) because the experience of working with the Cylindo team was so challenging."

    BJ M.
    BJ M.
    Vice President, Kashiyama The Smart Tailor

    Excellent 3D Rendering Software to Engage Clients

    "The platform helps clients visualize their custom suit purchase before it its built. With the custom nature of our product there are over 1 million combinations of suits so it not possible to feature photos of every style in store or online. The platform allows us to help clients visualize what will be shipping to them before it is even produced."

    Consultant in Sporting Goods

    Overall very good

    "The team are all very pleasant to work with. The end result was excellent too and the follow up service has been great."

    David S.
    David S.

    Great company

    "Easy to work with, punctual and great results."