Jyernazrie R.
    Jyernazrie R.

    Text us has been very good in terms of fast communicating, wide variety of options and simplicity.

    "The ability to send individual texts to multiple numbers at the same time and sending picture messages without hassle"

    Cindy K.

    Great addition to our outreach process

    "TextUs is super easy to use. What I like best is the ability to create custom templates."

    Jay P.

    We leveled up with TextUs

    "It allows our entire team to provide information and resources to our clients in real-time."

    Danelle T.

    Gamechanger for Business Texting!

    "I love that TextUs integrates with my sales contact software, SalesForce and that it forwards to my cell, so I never miss a beat when I'm away from my desk. I also love the convenience of texting from my desktop/laptop during the workday."

    A'aryonna F.


    "I like the accessibility. It is a great tool for my job."

    Miranda R.

    So Easy!

    "TextUs is so easy to use and navigate. It is perfect for texting my current residents, future residents, and prospective residents about any and everything."

    Kyesha P.

    The Best In The Business!

    "This is the most ORGANIZED way to talk to a group of people. I work in a temp agency and in order for me to maintain filling orders with associates, TextUs is my way to go! It's organized, it's fun, it's easy! TextUs is definitely my go-to."

    Karen G.
    Karen G.
    Field Support Specialist at Maxim Healthcare Services

    TextUs makes my life easier.

    "I like the ability to search by number or partial name and not having to call everyone."

    Leona D.
    Leona D.
    Regional Business Manager at Liberty Staffing Services Inc.

    Amazing Application for Today's Smartphone World

    "TextUs is a platform that is extremely easy to learn and use. We use it often to send out text blasts to several hundred people at once, and it has helped out our business in so many ways. Everyone has a cell phone nowadays, so the convenience of being able to send out text messages, with such ease, to our associates is the best way to advertise our available positions."

    Colleen S.
    Colleen S.
    Assistant Director Of Operations at The Medve Group, Inc.

    Easy and Convenient

    "I love that I don't have to use my personal cell phone number to communicate with prospects and tenants via text message! Many people prefer to communicate by text now. Having it as an option as a property manager makes our job so much easier."

    Teddy B.

    I use this application for my job to text potential clients.

    "That i'm able to make campaigns to mass text individuals, this makes it easier to get my message out without having to text a million people individually. It also is nice to be able to link it to my work phone rather than personal phone when i'm out of the office."

    Paula R.
    Paula R.
    Fundraising & Marketing Professional

    Just what you need to remain autonomous!

    "I love that I can text our associates in real-time, save their contact information and never compromise my privacy."

    Austin O.

    TextUs Does Wonders For Recruiting Departments

    "TextUs provides recruiters with a quick, easy, and convenient way to reach out to multiple prospects efficiently. It also gives prospects a way to easily and discretely confirm or deny interest, providing recruiters with a clearer idea of who is best suited to their organizations. Texting prospects also allows communication at all times of the day, even when they are at work and may not want to..."

    Marissa M.

    TextUs Has Been an Extremely Useful Business Tool!

    "I like having a phone number to give clients that is not my direct cell number. I like that TextUs has a user-friendly application to work from my phone if needed, but that the web browser and Chrome extension are just as useful. Sometimes web apps and phone apps have different features, but TextUs maintains its integrity and usefulness across all platforms. The layout of the site is easy to..."

    Summer F.

    My Go-To for Recruiting!

    "What makes TextUs most helpful is being able to easily save contacts, text them as if you were using a personal phone (even being able to use emojis!), and having the ability to favorite those communications. I love that the program also features an app that one can download on a personal device to even text candidates while on the go."

    Carly G.

    I love being able to text multiple people at once from my computer.

    "I love being able to send out campaigns to many people at once. It makes it easy to recruit, because I can send one message to multiple people and find out who is interested in the position. I also like that I can send other things besides texts like pictures, emoticons, links, and other things that make it easier to communicate with people. Texting is much faster and simpler than using email,..."

    James T.

    A great way to keep track of multiple contacts.

    "You can keep track of multiple contacts and you have the ability to create easy-to-use, personalized templates that make communicating with people quick and easy. I also love the fact that there is a mobile app that you can use to keep track and in communication with candidates away from the office. We used to have a separate texting number from a calling number and that caused a bit of..."

    Emily S.
    Emily S.

    LOVE TextUs- it is a lifesaver for Staffing Companies!

    "I like how user-friendly it is and how easily I can communicate with clients and associates! It is so much quicker and easier than sending emails or searching through a sea of emails. It is nice to check in with clients and associates (mainly because most people don't like talking on the phone)!"

    Courtney C.
    Courtney C.
    Consultant Services Coordinator at Seneca Resources

    TextUs is a game-changer! We couldn't ask for more.

    "User-friendly, ease of access, fast & reliable communication, direct feedback channel, helped strengthen our database with active contacts, we have mitigated SO many issues that otherwise would have taken far longer or been missed among a sea of emails. Our candidates and consultants alike feel like we are right there with them, supporting their journey as a friendly colleague."

    User in Staffing and Recruiting

    Great Application

    "The ability to contact groups of people with the campaign system."