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    <span>Artas B.</span>
    Artas B.
    Product Manager at Contentful

    Great project management app

    "By now I went through five or six popular project management apps, including Jira, Basecamp and Trello and I was always highly frustrated by different aspects of using them. Target Process (TP), on the other hand, makes it very easy to manage a wide range of projects in the app. This ease of use is not accidental, rather the people behind TP listen carefully to their customers and iterate on..."

    <span>Zoltán S.</span>
    Zoltán S.
    Director Research and Development at Nebu | Managing Director Nebu Hungary KFT

    TargetProcess - Great help, if you develop software with agile methods

    "The concept of board with customisable cards is absolutely great. Entity types, extensibility is also great! We use the software for couple of years now, without any major issues, which is a big thing for us, as we use the software within the company daily based, pretty heavily. Targetprocess, as a tool really gives us the flexibility that we need from such a tool, perfect match!"

    <span>Ján .</span>
    Ján .
    CEO at uKuka s.r.o.

    Amazing PM software - nr.1 for me on the market

    "Tons of features, customizability, UI, customer support - I love basically everything."

    <span>Tim S.</span>
    Tim S.
    Application Deployment & Support Lead at Kalkomey Enterprises

    TargetProcess is a great project management solution for diverse methodologies

    "TargetProcess allows our organization to manage multiple projects, with each project utilizing a different methodology and workflow. TP provides a high level of configurability and a robust suite of features that set it apart from every other product that I've found. Not only does TP deliver a powerful project management solution, their support team is second to none. I've never dealt with..."

    <span>Tim F.</span>
    Tim F.
    Director, Development at Eze Software Group

    Target Process has enabled our process

    "Target Process has enabled us to run global teams in an agile process and allowed us to transform our process from a semi-agile process with QA to a full agile process. We can represent all aspects of the lifecycle from stories to test cases and give transparency to all members of the teams. We also use Target Process as a basic helpdesk triage tool for our development work using their..."

    <span>Joseph D.</span>
    Joseph D.
    VP Product and User Experience

    Smart UX, fantastic customizability.

    "Our process has changed a lot over the past 3 years as a startup. Targetprocess has handled literally everything we've thrown at it. I hear other talking about how they wanted to do a unique process in one part of their workflow, but couldn't because of the limitations of their system. That is not the world I live in. Targetprocess is built for customizability."

    <span>Katherine L.</span>
    Katherine L.
    Mobile Development || Web Development

    Great tool for visual project management

    "The following things are my favorite: - TargetProcess is all about visualization. You can organize your tasks, bugs in boards/views based on different criteria. It's easier to see a big picture using TP. - The tool is very flexible. You may build your own workflows, processes, add custom fields. - You don't need to follow a certain methodology to benefit from a tool. - I really like a..."

    <span>Ivan G.</span>
    Ivan G.
    Team leader, dev manager - Adalisk

    Really great tool for planning and development

    "TargetProcess gives us great visibility of our development processes. Cards, lists, timelines, burndowns, predefined and custom graphical reports. Extremely powerful filtering allows you to create almost any view you want. Planning on any level (programs, projects, epics, features, userstories, tasks, bugs) but you don't need to use all of this - just choose what fits your needs the best. It's..."

    <span>Damian F.</span>
    Damian F.
    System Developer at NewOrbit Ltd

    Perfect tool for the job

    "The ability to create any view to suit what you need is excellent. The system is very fast, intuitive and customisable meaning it doesn't take a long time to learn. The API for TP is also superb, meaning we can write our own tools to integrate with it with ease. Customer support is second to none, always available to help and being able to sort out the issue."

    <span>Fayaz I.</span>
    Fayaz I.
    Senior Software Developer at Atmos International

    The best agile project management tool for software development.

    "For me personally the best thing about TargetProcess is the people behind it. The support is second to none, they respond promptly via email, but usually I use the live chat which is just perfect. Using live chat we have often used the screen sharing facilities and the support person has taken control of our server virtual machine, which I'm more than happy for them to do, I trust them 100%...."

    <span>Dave L.</span>
    Dave L.
    I fight for the user as Director of User Experience at LiveWorld.

    Extraordinary attention to detail far beyond its fundamental value

    "I'm a user experience director, so my mantra is "I fight for the user." I am certain that there are people like that at TargetProcess. Above and beyond its fundamental value, I love the fact that there are clearly designers at Targetprocess who love their users in return. Tiny, tasteful microinteractions are all over the product. In many cases, if I think I can click or drag or otherwise..."

    <span>Marcel T.</span>
    Marcel T.
    CEO at ag

    Simplifies our daily work tremendously

    "Does all the things Trello is missing. Has a great and mostly very intuitive UI. It's great to be able to supply every person in our team with the views which are most helpful to him/her. To be able to see all work not only in Kanban type list views but also in a timeline or a hierarchical view. The documenting and structuring abilities are good enough so we can document software projects..."

    <span>John H.</span>
    John H.
    Software Development Manager at Qv21 Technologies, Inc.

    Target Process is a great product with new features added on a regular basis

    "I love the product. I have been using it 3 ½ years and recommended it to my present employer when I started in my position here over a year ago. It is extremely configurable. Because of the flexibility and configurability, we continue to expand upon its use and are doing things I'm sure they didn't intend. … The UI is beautiful. Our CEO wants to steal their UX team. They do a great job with..."

    <span>Rolando Andrés V.</span>
    Rolando Andrés V.
    Estudiante de Master en Innovación Empresarial y Dirección de Proyectos

    Best software ever!

    "I have been using Target Process for almost four years and I experienced all the progress this amazing software has had. Since the release of Target Process v3 the reach and power of the tools when to the stars and beyond!!! I believe that everyone has felt the frustration of using a new tool and not been able to understand how it works or how to make things happens, but I can guarantee you..."
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